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0s hey everybody Welcome to the June Q&A of
3s Forge in aternum I'm Scott I'm here with
5s Katie and Dave and we want to answer
7s your questions before we start though I
10s wanted to make a few acknowledgements so
12s we've just had our exciting announcement
13s of New World a tournament we've seen a
15s lot of questions from you so this is
17s really addressed to answer you the PC
19s players questions rather than us pull
22s each question out like we normally do
24s there were so many we just thought we'd
26s aggregate them down into as to a smaller
28s subset so we could answer as many as
30s possible and make sure we get you as
32s much information as we can some good
34s news Chuck's filling in for loving today
36s so you won't be hearing us yell at him
37s we'll be yelling at Chuck just instead
40s bring him on Chuck all right why aren't
42s Communications more PC focused given
44s it's the PC audience who has been told
46s to wait for June our first announcement
49s on June 7th was really important that we
51s had a very clear announcement for all of
53s the new players who you have to remember
55s a lot of people never heard of New World
57s they don't know what it is so for us to
59s get it out there we wanted a nice clean
60s message to them as an existing New World
63s Player what is my experience on October
65s 15th yeah so if you're a current player
69s um when this hits you'll get all the new
73s content if you have the rise of the
74s angry Earth DLC um if you have the base
77s game you will get some of what we've
79s done because there are quite a few
81s quality of life improvements that we've
82s included um so yeah so your experience
84s will be uninterrupted your progression
86s continues and you continue your time in
88s a tum from New World hopefully you'll
90s have a lot more players to play with in
92s the world as well that's the goal so why
93s console well uh We've wanted to bring
96s new world to console for a long time I
97s mean if you've ever played it on a
99s controller or on your couch it just
100s feels great so I think it's something
102s we've wanted to do for a long time and I
103s think we feel ready now and I think it's
106s like you said it's going to bring a lot
107s of new players to the game which will be
108s exciting what is being added for
110s existing PC players come October 15th a
114s lot so I'm going to start with the PC
116s players who own rise of the angry Earth
118s cutless Keys has been up leveled and
120s part of that upleveling is a new
122s free-for-all Zone and a new 10-person
124s raid that's a real raid three bosses the
128s true progression and it's really really
130s hard um they're going to get a whole new
132s entry level experience actually
134s everyone's going to get this a new
135s fouille the story has been modified
137s we've add some new characters to the
139s beach but how we tell the story is going
141s to be vastly improved we've had an
143s enhanced dialogue system which is
145s basically cinematic cameras that Zoom
147s way in you'll actually see yourself in
149s the conversation with the with the
151s NPCs um what else have we had a ktie is
153s a lot of stuff yeah so um we've made
156s Arena crossworld we've also added
159s matchmaking which is super cool um and
162s we've done optimizations across the game
164s that uh PC players are going to get to
167s benefit from which I think is great Dave
169s is there uh gear score increase I don't
171s think we mentioned did you mention solo
173s trials so did not so we have these
175s amazing Soul trials that you get
177s throughout the MX msq experience but
179s like you experience them once and they
180s like man I wish I could do that over
182s well we've got it now we've made it an
184s endgame experience for solo players you
186s can do three a day you get cool rewards
188s you get to see these cool fights again
190s yeah they're up leveled so that they are
192s true end game I think it's going to be
193s super exciting and Katie mentioned
195s performance improvements I I want to
196s make sure we're really clear there's
198s going to be a lot of performance
199s improvements for the PC players a lot
201s and a lot of quality of life
203s improvements uh especially for the PC
205s players who are using a a a gam pad now
208s uh but across the board you'll see them
210s and there's been so many changes I'm
213s sure we're forgetting some but we're
214s going to have a Graphic that shows you
215s all of those here playing in a minute
217s why is New World a tum called an arpg
220s and not an mm o RPG well you can still
223s play a tum the way you've always played
225s it but because of all the changes we've
227s done to the storytelling the way we tell
229s the story because of the way our camera
232s and combat navigation work through the
234s world we feel like you know we're we're
237s across so many genres but this pushes us
239s solidly into the arpg which is a little
242s more wellknown on console is New World
244s aternum a separate game no uh it is the
248s continuation of new world it is an
250s update to it that brings a ton new is
252s New World closing down and launching as
254s a single player no new world is not
257s closing down uh your your experience
260s will continue um after this update uh
264s there is definitely a lot of opportunity
267s for a solo experience that's coming with
269s this um we have the updated main story
274s quest line that you've all seen where
276s you can now go through it without
277s required without being required to do
279s group content uh and now we have the
281s uplevel um solo trials so um that's
285s something that now like from beginning
287s to end if you choose to you can do it
289s solo we still have a ton of group
291s content it's still a big open world with
294s a lot of people in it so um you it's not
297s it's not pivoting it's just an addition
299s to Will lose our characters in progress
302s no again no I think you know if you have
306s a character you can continue to play it
307s if it's endgame you can jump right into
309s that endgame uh if you do want to start
311s a new character you can and join the
312s Fresh Start worlds but your old
314s character will be there you can jump
315s right into the experience of endgame
317s with it what will current players get
319s between now and October right now our
321s focus is on a awesome clean release on
325s October 15th now in the interum we are
327s still going to have a summer medley fair
329s but beyond that
330s there's not really going to be anything
331s our focus on top of all the features we
334s talked about we're trying to fix as many
336s bugs as we can and we want this to be
338s just a super polished experience um
340s we're very very excited for that launch
342s date and we want to do it right at high
344s quality yeah and we also I mean it's
346s worth mentioning that we're going to
348s have a couple testing opportunities
350s coming up one is going to be specific
352s for consoles because that's a technical
354s test and then the other one is going to
356s be across all platforms so PC players
358s can participate in that and in addition
361s um one thing that I know it's just like
363s a a separate call out and maybe not a
366s lot of people have been asking about
367s this but I think it's super cool that um
370s we have a pre-order bonus for console
372s that if you're on PC and you log into
374s your character between June 7th which
377s was our announced date and October 14th
379s you get access to that which is the AOS
381s stalker dire wolf mount our Seasons
384s going away when is the next season
386s coming no seasons are not going away
388s we're committed to the seasonal model
389s and being players regular Cadence of
391s content uh the next season is with the
393s new world aternum launch in October 15th
396s how does crossplay work uh if you're on
398s PC it couldn't be easier you just play
400s the game uh and in the world you'll be
402s joined with new friends from PS5 and
404s Xbox uh that happens in the open world
407s another important thing to mention is
408s all this crossworld and matchmaking uh
411s will now be joined with a larger
413s playpool so they get to not only be in
414s the open world with you but will'll join
416s all the cues in matchmaking will console
418s players join the existing p servers yeah
421s so console players will have the ability
423s to join the existing uh worlds that we
426s see on PC today um they the only things
430s that are going to happen and some folks
431s should be used to this because it's the
433s way that we did the fresh chart worlds
435s for brimstone Sands is that if you have
437s a Legacy character it cannot move to the
440s new worlds that we're creating at launch
442s so um that's that's something where if
445s you if your console friends want to play
446s with you on your current server they're
448s able to do that um but if you you want
450s to play with them on the Fresh Start
452s worlds you do have to create a new
454s character which I think is a lot of fun
456s because we revamped and changed a lot in
458s the new starting experience so I think
460s it's worth it to to log in with a new
463s character that day well PC players who
465s only have the base game and not rise of
467s the angry Earth expansion still be able
469s to play after October absolutely and the
473s experience is going to get a lot better
475s um they won't be able to access all of
477s the content the stuff that's gated
478s behind level or some of the things that
480s were part of Rise of the angry earth
482s like the flail and mounts but they will
484s get to see the new storytelling the way
486s we tell it they're going to get the new
487s fouille they're going to get all of the
490s performance improvements all the bug
491s fixes and uh even some of the solo
493s trials that are into one in 1 through 60
496s will the release of New World aternum
498s change the minimum and recommended specs
500s of the game no uh between now and uh the
505s launch of new world aternum and after
507s that we have no plans to adjust those
509s men and re respects and it it might even
512s play better on the minimum respects now
514s all the optimization absolutely it will
516s more than might yeah it will will New
518s World aternum bring direct X12 to the
521s game yes we're very excited to bring
524s direct X12 with all the work we've been
526s doing on Console it now can come to PC
528s and bring enhanced rendering for
529s everyone will the non aternum version of
532s the game continue to receive new content
534s yeah so I mean first off there is going
537s to be no non aternum version of the game
539s on October 15th we're all playing a
542s turnam um I think what we're talking
544s about is the base game and so for the
547s base game you'll continue receiving
549s updates you'll get access to our quality
551s of life Improvement seasonal events
553s things like that um I will say that in
557s order to like really experience the best
560s version of this game like the ultimate
562s version of this game um that that's what
565s you get with the rise of the angry Earth
567s de DLC as part of a tum
570s if I don't have the rise of the angry
572s Earth expansion will I still get the
574s pre-order bonus so this is a pretty
575s interesting one because um when you log
578s in you get an entitlement to that
580s pre-order bonus to the azos stalker um
583s but if you don't have rise of the angry
585s Earth you can't access mounts which is
588s what that goes through so if you do
590s purchase the rise of the angry Earth DLC
593s after you've logged in after a while you
595s will get that pre-order bonus because
596s it's attached to your account will new
599s world attor continue to receive regular
601s updates after its release on October
603s 15th it sure will um we're going to get
606s back onto our regular seasonal Cadence
607s and you know we're always working toward
609s our next piece of large content so it's
612s all in the works will New World aternum
614s support cross progression between PC and
617s consoles uh no we don't support a cross
620s progression between the consoles and PC
622s we only support crossplay where's the
624s road map I know this is the most asked
626s question and we are really happy we're
627s here to answer it so between now and
629s October 15th we're going to release the
631s summer medley fair and there might be a
634s couple minor patches coming out around
636s problems uh beyond that hopefully you
638s can see the graphic uh things I'm most
640s excited about are the 10 player raid the
644s new PVP Zone which is going to be
646s awesome uh matchmaking we're upleveling
649s cutless keys with new quests and enemies
652s uh I know you've all asked for swimming
653s so we have swimming and there's a bunch
654s of other things that you can see here
656s yeah and then after a turn and launches
659s we will uh be able to put out the 2025
662s road map so super excited for that hey
665s thank you very much for the questions we
666s appreciate the passion Dave and Katie
669s thank you so much for uh answering them
670s with me it's all the players we will see
673s you in a turnam
675s [Applause]
681s [Music]
685s [Applause]