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6s hey everybody Welcome to forge in
7s aternum where we talk about All Things
9s New World we got a big group of people
11s here because today is a special day we
14s are almost to the date one year of
17s filming forun aternum that's over 50
20s episodes probably over 60 we didn't
21s count before I get started though let's
24s let's introduce everyone I'm here with
25s gwy Dave Dan Carrie Patrick
31s Scott number
32s two and Vince so before we go into like
36s like like it's been a year and we've
37s done a lot on the game you know we put a
39s lot of stuff into the game over the last
40s year and we're going to talk about
43s that but it's also like a big moment
46s because you know when we first came out
47s we we we knew we wanted to establish a
50s dialogue with the players and be as
52s transparent as possible and we started
55s off with the dev updates and doing other
57s stuff and it felt a little too
59s formal and we hired this guy Mike Lovin
62s who should come in front of the camera
63s and say hi and smile and wave right now
66s right this second because I he's
68s uncomfortable with
70s this just just wave you can you don't oh
72s you got to have someone on the on the
75s camera so
78s uncomfortable
81s hi this is the guy that's being very
83s friendly and everyone is talking to on
85s Reddit but in all seriousness he had the
88s vision for changing the show
90s and making it more like we were in a
93s direct conversation with all the players
95s and it I think it's really worked and
96s helped and on top of that it's it's
98s branched
99s into balance of power episodes the
103s economy
105s episodes is there more some like
109s quarterly economy updates quarterly
111s economy I thought I said that I don't
113s know I'm nervous QA uh uh and I think
115s like some of my most favorites the q&as
118s and it's something that we want to
119s continue to continue to lean in on so
121s thanks for stepping in front of the
122s camera Mike like Michael
124s and please stay here for the rest of the
127s video no and thank you for uh just
130s helping get us where we are with with in
133s talking to the players and helping with
134s the relationship I think it's been
135s fantastic okay have fun editing that Ste
139s now that we're done embarrassing Mr
141s Loven I'm gonna go around the room and
143s ask people about their favorite feature
145s or two that we've added in the last
147s year let's start with Dave all right uh
152s if I had to pick two number one would be
155s artifacts it's something new we added uh
157s with the expansion and I think so many
159s things I like about them one they're
161s like game defining they're build
162s defining there's a ton of variety and
165s it's like fun to chase the acquisition
167s of them even I don't know if you've
168s powered all yours up like the the steps
170s have really brought in different parts
172s of open World gameplay like you run
174s sometimes base Expeditions you go fight
176s named enemies so I think there's just so
178s much fun stuff there and what the thing
180s I really like about them now is like it
181s gives us an opportunity to add more each
184s season and to like just continue giving
186s people things to do uh a number two I'm
189s going to choose the easy one mounts
191s right like how transformational was that
193s like being able to uh jump on your Mount
196s and go anywhere uh one of the little
197s things that I've noticed people loving
199s is like in our game you can move while
201s you're waiting for the summoning of the
203s mount it's a little thing but it just
204s adds super well to the feel of it uh I
207s love the soft tracking on roads it has
210s uh been doing a lot of influence races
212s and like just seeing like how mounts
214s impact that and like you know you always
216s talk about like coming over the hill on
218s ECR you should see it like no it
220s influence racis yeah when you're
221s charging into a tower like it's just
223s super fun well and it's funny you said
224s the little like the detail of moving cuz
227s something will be right there and I'm
228s like I'll just Mount up because there's
229s no penalty the worst case it's going to
231s be as fast you know so that's cool by
234s the way those were my two but we'll keep
235s going um how about you D well for me I
239s think if I had to pick pi two number one
241s would be uh the new Zone that we put out
244s just now in the expansion leian Wilds um
247s I for whatever reason whenever I rolled
250s a new character I always got first light
252s uh so I'm super familiar with the zone
255s and like I really appreciated just all
256s the little like all the NPCs like hey I
260s know this NPC and and she's like she's
262s sad that she's not in the the town hall
264s anymore like I know why you're always
267s there uh the the the creatures the the
270s content I mean riding mounts around it
272s was really
273s fun um it just it's just so exciting how
277s we've we've gotten to a point where we
278s can create these things and and crank
280s them out and they're so rich and and
282s filled of
283s story uh so great job to the team that
286s worked on that and then I think my
287s number two pick would be transmog just
290s because we have S we have such a large
293s variety of ways that gear looks ways
296s that you can look um and before transmog
299s you you there wasn't you kind of had to
302s chase those stats to to pick your look
305s um which which led to some interesting
307s combinations um but now not anymore now
310s you can choose you can be the best you
312s in a turnam it's wonderful it's also
315s nice when you find a new piece of gear
316s and you see that little styl mancer Noe
318s underneath it like oh good I found
319s something I haven't found before totally
321s yeah it's cool those were my next two so
323s I'm getting I'm slim pickings for me um
328s Vince someone hand Vince a
332s microphone uh yeah um yeah my my
334s favorite two is um gear set storage and
336s and flail um gear set for me is um you
339s know I'm in MMOs I'm the guy that always
341s runs to like random bodies of water and
342s goes fishing um so I'll I'll kite like
345s the hardest mobs just so I can go fish
347s um and it's just really awesome to be
349s able to just change my gear set uh on
350s the Fly and put on all my fishing gear
352s that obviously I'll get one shot if I
354s get hit but um you know that's that's my
356s Chase in my jam in MMOs uh flail um just
359s that that dream of like being that
361s cleric Paladin role being able to buff
363s and debuff with with all the skills um
365s you know help the group um while you
367s know weakening mobs um I run with wood
369s Gauntlet orbit Decay like it's all good
371s stuff um you know finally a weapon that
373s was focused face so I didn't have to
374s like main life staff all the time going
376s so um it's really good stuff um and
378s those are my those are my two I really
380s enjoy them that's a good one I have so
381s many gear sets all right
385s Patrick all right uh so two favorite
388s things for me that have not been said
390s yet uh piggy backing off of Dan there
392s The Savage divide Expedition uh I think
395s Savage divide hits a really good Cadence
397s where it's a perfect length right I can
398s hop in it's about 30ish minutes maybe a
401s bit shorter so it's that perfect
402s bite-sized piece of content that I can
404s do in a session uh also our audio team
406s like they killed it in there if you
407s listen to that music it just like feels
409s like you're on that jungle cruise and
411s really just gets you excited to keep on
413s going and kill all those gorillas and
414s mammoths and whatever um second off uh
418s I'm a competitive person I like to make
419s sure sure I'm the best new world player
421s in the office and leaderboards have
423s helped me do that anytime I see one of
425s my colleagues up there on those
426s leaderboards I got to grind to make sure
428s I'm ahead of them got to make sure that
429s I'm winning more Arenas than Drew uh
432s getting better M3 times all that so it's
434s a pretty fun Chase uh and something I've
436s really enjoyed that's so cool all right
440s Gwyn what do you got oh talking about
443s Expeditions I want to talk Compu and
445s Forge because that's my favorite
446s Expedition again the music Alone super
449s exciting I love that one I actually I
452s gave chat a really hard time because the
454s end boss took me about a week to finish
457s but it was so satisfying once I finally
460s beat him and now I love going into Forge
462s every time it's mutated and then the
464s other one I got to mention is the
466s updates to the main story I love playing
470s games specifically for all of the story
472s and narrative I love meeting all of the
473s new characters we introduced we had uh
477s we got Morgan we got Shere Reef we got
481s Malik we had existing characters that we
483s did updates to like yonas to make it
485s more personal when you go through his
488s story car's team is really passionate
491s about the story of new world and aternum
492s and it really shows yeah I can't when
496s you look at where we were on our Quest
498s our main story line at you in 2021 and
501s now it's literally a different game and
504s I think the quest team has done a
506s awesome job and you left out the Thorp
508s Exposition stuff that they've added as
509s well well I thought which was really
510s cool like there's so much cool it's you
513s guys have done great ability to do the
515s whole game solo is something we're
516s chasing after and we'll be done very
518s soon when we finish this up that'll be
519s done great uh another thing is just the
522s pathing the flow remember how much you
524s have to run back and forth in the old
525s now like the NPCs and the quest givers
528s move with you the flow is just so much
530s better the the variety of quests it's
532s not all just kill and loot like the the
534s different interactions the different
536s moments it's yeah transation trials the
539s like there's just much there I mean the
540s team has done a bang up job really good
543s stuff who have I missed geyser
547s Scott Hey so uh I think the two favorite
551s my two favorite features from this year
553s um the first one's the the fact that we
556s made uh Outpost Rush cross world I think
559s that was huge um as a player like I
562s don't have a ton of time uh to sit in
564s cues and wait uh so the fact that it's
567s so much easier to get in there and like
569s you with like lots of new people you're
571s getting different matchups and different
573s combinations every time um I think that
575s that's been a huge uh thing for New
578s World um and then on top of that uh
581s staying in the PVP theme is the
583s influence races um those are also great
586s because like I know when they're
587s happening I can hop on I don't have to
589s coordinate with people or sign up or
592s like any of that stuff I can just hop in
593s and just start getting
596s murdered and the rewards for them are
598s good uh
600s I love them it's it's definitely
603s scratched and itch that players have
604s wanted for a while which is giving them
606s that open world PVP content and I think
609s it's it's fun it's cool and there's like
610s good reasons to go participate yeah and
613s each of the different towers and places
615s you fight at you know the the geometry
617s and the landscape around it's a little
619s different like where's the river where's
620s the trees and it affects like where you
622s know different factions come and fight
623s from it's like so it's like we added 30
626s new maps to opr or something not that
628s we're never going to add Maps
630s this is this at least scratches that
632s itch a little bit until then that's what
634s we call breaking into
636s jail all right
639s Carrie all right so the one thing I
643s absolutely loved that we added this last
645s year is seasons of course being on the
648s quest team I absolutely love more story
651s content and interacting with more NPCs
653s Grace is fantastic Xander with his
656s confusion about what is and isn't
658s vegetarian reminds me very much of my
660s dad uh just the fact that they have a
663s little baby lynx called dog is fantastic
667s but aside from the quests I love chasing
670s after getting those bingo cards just
672s filling out the the seasonal content I
675s can get into a game and I can basically
678s I if I know that I'm going into a
680s certain area I can be like all right
681s well if I make sure that I fight with a
683s sword and I take out these enemy types
685s that's going to be two squares of my
686s card so what else can I do in the hour
688s that I have free right now to play to
691s like get get a row filled in so yeah I
694s absolutely love that we've added the
696s seasonal content and it's just so great
699s and I love
700s Seasons yeah I find it fun just leveling
703s and you know when you'll see it pop
705s levels it just feels good hey I got
706s something to open I got a you know some
708s kind of present of some type yeah the
709s the free stamps that we added in season
712s 3 help a ton also right like CU they
714s they make it a little easier to get the
716s card and the lines and it's just fun
718s yeah especially when you have that Gap
719s that you can't fill in a card you got it
721s yeah I think it's just me left
724s so I love so many of the features we've
726s already talked about and it's hard to
728s pick two but uh mine are going to be
731s interesting one of them is raid groups
733s um which if you would have told me I I
736s did not realize the impact raid groups
738s were going to have on the game and I
739s think it's just hilarious to go do a
741s chest run and immediately get a group of
743s 20 or to go do a portal run influence
746s race all these things to be able to find
747s groups it's it's changed how you play
750s with other players and it's just it's
753s just it's the social aspect of the game
755s has gotten so much better because of it
757s so I I think that's a huge game changer
760s and the other one's the gear rework
762s um you know there were good reasons we
764s had Baines and Wards at the time and
765s there were good reasons for expertise at
767s the time but as the game and the players
769s and everything evolved it made sense to
771s get rid of them and uh it just feels
773s better like the end game is so much more
776s clear now it's so much more
778s understandable easy easy to engage in
780s and it's fun you know and you mentioned
782s artifacts I can't remember whose
783s favorite artifact was
785s yours that tying into the you know
787s replaces a lot of that stuff and I think
789s overall it just creates an awesome
790s environment
792s so so it's been a big year if you like
794s all the things we just talked about and
797s that's just the last year that's not
798s even since launch
800s um but the truth is we wouldn't be here
803s without you know all the players
806s engaging in the forun ATT tum playing
807s the game giving us feedack back helping
809s us improve the game helping us make it
811s better so so really thank you all for
814s helping us get here to the Year and
816s thank you all for coming and doing this
819s video um and if you like what you saw
821s Please Subscribe and let us know see you
824s later see you in ATT turnament I forget
827s that every single time but cool if you
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831s and we'll keep doing
834s it
836s bye
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842s one one one more can I have all of you
844s wave goodbye at this
847s one
850s nerds thanks for
852s coming we get that get that again thanks
855s for coming what do you got oh
860s man that's good perfect that's great
864s welcome por ET welcome to ET turn
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