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0s people are complaining about lack of
2s content but you've excluded 90% of the
4s game are you happy with the state of
6s wars and are you planning to add
8s Gathering tool artifact love that
10s question and W I saw it it sparked a few
12s discussions today that we
14s [Applause]
18s had hey everybody Welcome to the April
21s uh Dev Q&A for new world I'm here with
24s Scott and look who's back da V we're all
26s super thrilled to have you back thanks
28s glad to be back it's awesome um before
31s we get started with the questions
32s there's a little bit of a update I want
34s to give so I know we generally do these
36s forun TMS every Monday and we have for a
39s while and we've made that commitment
41s we're going to make a change um we
43s realize that because of this big
45s announcement we've talked about in June
46s that we're not in a position to answer a
49s majority of the questions coming in and
51s that's creating creating some
53s frustration and tension and we don't
55s want to really want to do that so we're
57s going to just cut back on them we're
58s still going to do an eye on a tournament
60s and then we're going to do another Dev
61s update and then uh after
64s that I'm not sure when the next Q&A is
67s beyond that after our June announcement
69s we will do a a long Q&A and try to
72s address as many questions as we can
74s after that announcement to make sure you
75s all understand everything really
77s clearly and with that though let's uh
80s let's dive into the questions um how
83s come reported bugs and feedback in the
85s PTR still make it to live uh I can take
88s that one um so so the feedback that we
92s get from players in PTR is super
93s valuable um I know that there's
95s frustration because we can't fix
96s everything that comes up um we have
99s other bugs and a you know a big backlog
101s of things that we're working on uh to
103s fix as well so any new uh items that
107s that come in have to get tagged and
108s prioritized against everything else and
110s so we usually just don't have enough
112s time to hit everything that uh that
114s players raise as a concern um we try and
116s hit the most important things the
117s gamebreaking things um that we're aware
120s of but you know there's only so much
121s time so with a distinct lack of content
124s to do right now why were the full season
126s storyline quests removed at the end of
129s their respective Seasons these should be
131s reinstated in full to give new players
133s and alts a chance to play these stories
136s which are pretty good in the first place
139s yeah we we considered that when they
140s were designed they were designed to be
142s one-off for that season where we wanted
145s to carry part of the story arc forward
148s but not the whole thing we thought that
149s would have been too like burdensome on
151s new players if it became this big long
154s drawn out story line where we thought we
156s were getting the key points and allowing
158s you to meet the real interesting
159s characters and have that story work for
162s you so what about like moving forward in
164s the future is it going to stay the same
166s yeah we have no plan to change that in
168s the future we we like
170s the we like the level of depth that is
174s getting you there but we don't want to
175s like I said we don't want to do we don't
177s want to make it this huge drawn out
179s thing for for all the players for alts I
181s understand how you might want that for
182s new players it wouldn't be quite as as
184s fun and I think one thing to add is that
186s these seasonal narratives are huge
189s investment right like so moving forward
191s we're probably going to be doing less
193s new seasonal narratives yeah we'd rather
196s focus on other areas that are more
197s repeatable for players that you can uh
199s engage in that content over and over as
201s opposed to you're going to see our
203s investment is really in the main
204s storyline as the one-off content and
207s then repeatable content y for atic
211s content procedural content uh content
213s that can be replayed yeah okay so what
217s options are being explored to make the
219s competitive endgame PVP experience
221s better a generic looking skin for
223s winning a season or placing top three on
225s the leaderboards in its current state
227s for days holding a territory feels bad
230s and isn't really an incentive for
231s companies to win a season so it isn't
234s really a goal uh well we have good news
237s on one front uh as we've talked about we
239s are working on matchmaking that is
241s something that will be coming to New
243s World and when that happens that will
245s help both the arena and the opr
247s experience because you'll start playing
249s against people more of your skill and
251s that'll get overall more competitive uh
253s I think for war there's not as much
255s planned there to make the competitive
257s scene more uh intense I think you know
260s it is already pretty intense and I think
262s just the rewards of owning a territory I
264s think for now are going to be uh what
266s we're planning to keep okay there is a
269s lot of players giving feedback using
272s Discord PVE feedback channel is Amazon
275s games taking action is Amazon games
277s doing in background is Amazon games
279s ignoring it uh we're definitely not
281s ignoring it uh so the the Discord
284s channel is just you know one of the many
285s ways players have to communicate with
287s the dev team and we have people uh you
289s know monitoring those channels when
291s issues are raised by players you know we
293s have people investigate them and and
295s file bugs and and things like that um
298s you know like I said before it's just we
300s have so many things that we're trying to
301s get done that it may it may feel like
304s we're kind of ignoring something and
306s that's just because we don't have the
307s ability to get to it right away I would
309s just you know pile on a little bit that
313s uh if your feedback isn't listen to you
317s know there might be you know you and
319s three others saying Hey I want this and
321s five other people saying they want the
323s opposite and we've got to figure out you
325s know sometimes no action is better than
327s action and sometimes we might go the
329s other way which will be a change that
331s you don't want and sometimes will go
332s your way and it's not everything is just
335s black and white so when we're responding
336s to these and working on these we're we
338s start with the ones that are really
339s clear and are going to have the most
340s impact that we can get done and then we
342s start making those harder decisions when
344s we have more more information and that's
346s true even like within our own team right
348s you have you know some people that agree
350s with with whatever is being proposed and
352s some people that disagree and you know
354s it's it's something we have to work
355s through and everyone thinks everyone
357s wants what they want right how do you
359s plan on on regaining the trust of your
361s community after many contentless delayed
364s buggy updates how can we expect anything
367s different after the June
369s announcement super fair question um you
373s know I I said this before but the only
375s way we're going to do it is by putting
378s out quality releases that that y'all
380s like um I can tell you that we failed
383s differently on this last one than the
385s one before and we won't fail this way
388s again um but like anything I say is not
392s going to make you trust us you know it's
394s going to be when we put interesting
395s software in your hand that is you know
397s on time and works um and again I know
401s I've already said that but I don't
403s really like that doesn't make it wrong
405s just means we failed at at the last time
407s so we've got to we got to succeed at the
409s next time and if not we'll try to be as
411s transparent we can as to why it failed
412s and Scott I know you're going to talk
414s about that a little bit so we'll just
417s and we're not just you know sitting on
419s the current situation right we're
421s looking at things internally what
422s processes we can improve like different
424s things we can change so we're always
426s trying to do better
428s yeah I like how the cooking ingredient
430s tool tip now displays where a set
433s ingredient can be found in game could we
435s get that same quality of life feature
437s for other items in the game as well if
439s it's not already planned uh yeah this is
442s something I think we've all enjoyed I
443s think it's a pattern we like we're
445s looking at it for other items uh don't
447s have immediate timelines on it yet but
449s it's definitely something and we want to
450s continue doing can you give us some
452s insight as to what your quality
454s assurance team and process looks like
456s please be as detailed as possible it
458s seems like every patch there are major
460s issues that should have been caught
462s before going live like not being able to
464s read Perks on any item in the entire
466s game where when season five went live so
468s people are wondering if it's a process
470s issue or a resource one okay um so I
474s can't get super super detailed on kind
477s of the the team stuff but for that
480s particular issue um what happened there
483s was we had a build in hand that we were
486s ready for season 5 and we had a bug that
488s we wanted to fix uh that would have
490s necessitated kick like creating a new
491s build and retesting and we sort of have
493s a multi-day uh timeline on that we had
497s already delayed so we were you know
498s trying to rush uh so we we tried to do
501s uh basically two patches um for the One
504s update and uh that process had issues
508s with it which caused you know the assets
510s for Tool tips to not get processed in
512s the right way uh so like all the kind of
515s designer facing uh string data was was
518s what the player saw um overall though
522s our uh our QA approach is we use a risk
526s based approach which means that as
529s developers make changes uh we need to
531s communicate what those changes are what
533s the potential impacts could be to the QA
535s team so that they can test around those
538s particular changes you know you know
540s especially with an MMO with how many you
542s know infinite combinations of player
545s State you know weapon location game mode
548s status effects you know whatever right
551s there's no way to for humans to test
553s every single thing every single time and
555s we have multiple builds constantly in
557s the pipeline right we have the one for
559s our next major release the one after
561s that the next you know uh minor update
563s if we have a hot fix you know so there's
565s multiple builds in the pipeline at the
567s same time that need attention so on top
570s of the you know the human QA stuff we
572s also uh have automated testing and data
575s validation tools that are not you know
579s they don't cover every single thing
580s either because it takes time to build
582s those tools when we add new features we
583s need to add you know the tools in the
585s validation around those features and
587s with timelines and priorities and stuff
590s that doesn't always happen yeah can I
592s comment real quick
594s um sometimes our desire to get the
596s software out gets too high and so one
599s change that is come from this is when we
600s are doing even a small change we're
603s fxing the amount of time QA gets with it
606s before it goes live and I think that's
608s going to be an important very important
609s and we're going to it'll hold us to a
612s higher standard on do we really need to
614s fix this thing because it's going to you
615s know it's going to be several days
616s before it gets out versus right you know
619s short period of time and so there's
621s other internal processes as well um you
624s know we're we're doing things to improve
626s the communication between the
628s development team and the QA team
630s especially with like our risk-based
632s approach the I think the main danger
634s there is like someone makes a change
636s they don't tell QA it's not written down
638s somewhere and so it doesn't get tested
640s and so you know we're we're implementing
643s processes to try and eliminate that from
647s from our workflow are you ever planning
649s on catching up with fixing bugs that
651s should have never been in the game in
653s the first place please don't corporate
655s answer me Scott I will know well I agree
657s with you I don't think any bug should
658s have been there in the first place Place
660s uh but there are bugs and we are
662s absolutely planning on not only catching
664s up but catching way up huge effort this
666s year toward getting our just raising the
669s quality of the game like we think it's
670s super important and you know we we want
673s the quality to be as high as you all do
675s and one thing I want to add and is that
678s we're doing a little bit of a different
679s strategy we're bundling a bunch of these
681s fixes together and I know that can be a
683s little frustrating for players CU you're
684s like you're making fixes let me see them
685s but we're intentionally putting them all
687s together because as you fix one thing
689s and can break another thing and we want
690s to see this whole thing come together in
693s a sort of bug-free polished manner uh
696s and that's going to take a while to get
697s that all done but that that's a new
698s strategy we're employing to really hit
700s that new quality yeah and and we're
702s devoting the time for it too like in the
704s past when we've been more focused on
705s feature development I'd say maybe only
707s like 20% or so of our time has been on
709s catching up on bugs and and things like
711s that um but as of right now like that's
714s a much much higher percentage like the
716s whole team's focused on it people are
717s complaining about lack of content but
719s you've excluded 90% of the game by
721s leaving it at 625 when when will this be
724s updated to 700 gear score uh we agree I
728s you know there's definitely pieces of
730s content that we did not get to with the
732s rise of the angry Earth expansion uh we
734s are going to be getting to that uh in
736s the upcoming year uh I think some of the
738s big ones are the open world trials uh
741s those three trials I think are a ton of
742s fun but the rewards just quite frankly
744s you know aren't very good they suck well
746s the AR effects are okay yeah but the
748s overall yeah uh the other one is the
750s sandworm trial right like this is a cool
753s huge raid type content uh and the
755s rewards just aren't up to Snuff uh and
757s the last one I know is one of your
759s favorites one you tell us about it no
762s okay uh some of the ecrs uh for instance
765s I know Scott is a big fan of the Merk
766s card ecrs uh they still drop all the 625
769s named items and if those got uplevel
772s it'd give yet another reason to do some
773s of that content so those are three sort
775s of big piles of content that will be
777s uplevel this year uh and the sort of end
780s game and and provide some cool refreshes
783s to that
784s content all right uh when can we expect
787s another round of Fresh Start I can't
790s really say when but we think uh we l the
793s last Fresh Start we thought it was it
794s went really well so you can expect
796s another round but I really can't get
797s into the details on when have the devs
800s discussed limiting the amount of
802s territories allowed to be
804s owned yes we've definitely discussed it
806s a lot um that's one of those things that
810s you know the player community has
812s different opinions on and we have
814s different opinions on it just internally
815s within our team um so we're discussing
818s it we're we're thinking of you know
820s outside of the box different options and
821s things like that um Beyond just uh like
825s a numerical limit um because you know
828s the discussion right now is whether
829s that'll actually fix the underlying
831s issues of of not enough people being
833s able to participate in that game mode um
837s and so you know we're thinking about it
839s no changes to announce right now but
842s yeah we laugh because we have like two
843s strong factions internally button heads
845s on yeah I think we all agree that a
848s change needs to be made but it's quite
850s often difficult to when you really start
852s thinking about all of the edge cases and
854s things that it affects what the right
855s change is and we we don't want to make
858s the wrong change and and it'll probably
860s end up needing to be a more complex
861s bigger change at the end of the day and
863s you know it's just not something we can
865s get to right now
867s yeah are you happy with the state of
870s Wars what does your data say on the
872s number of players who get to experience
874s them how do you feel about war loggers
878s uh so definitely has some ties to the
880s last question I mean I think overall in
882s terms of when you get into a war I think
884s we're you know we're relatively happy
886s about that experience maybe the meta is
888s a little bit staler than we want but
890s like it's a fun intense experience so I
892s think what this question is really
893s asking is like are you happy with the
895s amount of people that get into it and I
897s think overall the answer is no right we
900s wish more people uh that played the game
902s got into it depending on how you slice
904s the data you know it's around 2% of
906s people get to participate in this so
908s it's a very small percentage of players
909s it's the elite players uh and as this
912s question mentions a lot of them are uh
914s what they call War loggers people who
915s come in have different accounts and only
918s you know play to do Wars and and that
920s further limits people uh that get to
922s participate I think one of the things
924s with war is like experience matters so
926s much like knowing how to participate is
928s much more important than gear I mean any
931s all these guys have the Top Gear anyway
933s uh so yeah I think there are things we
935s want to change here we want to make this
936s more open uh it's something that's
939s definitely we've talked about and we're
940s interested in but there's I'll be honest
943s there's not an immediate uh initiative
945s on this I think it's going to take some
946s while to do this right yeah it really
948s hits that small percentage of the
950s players hard and for that we're you know
952s like that's not what we want but you
954s know we have another PVP mode opr and we
958s see that's getting you know 20% of the
960s players are engaging roughly 20% not
962s exactly are engaging in it some fairly
965s regularly this would pull against that
967s it would start to create other potential
968s queuing issues and we got to think about
971s you know you got to think all those
972s things through when you go to make
973s changes because I'm a huge proponent I
976s would love to do casual Wars we just got
978s to figure out the way to do it right
980s because just a a pickup group against a
982s more organized team like you already see
983s that with in opr sometimes with with
985s pre-made groups and things like that um
988s like we want it to be a good good
989s experience yeah all right and are you
993s planning to add Gathering tool artifact
995s items to the game as well like weapons
997s and armors we aren't but I love that
1000s question and W I saw it it sparked a few
1002s discussions today that we had I thought
1004s like I think I think that that's really
1005s interesting I am ashamed to say I hadn't
1007s thought of it myself uh but I think
1009s that's I think that's a fun idea no
1011s promises but yeah I mean Gathering is
1013s one of the more fun aspects unique well
1016s done in New World so anything we can do
1017s to make it better chill us just kind of
1020s relax play the
1023s game well that is all the questions
1025s we're taking for
1027s today awesome well thank you all for you
1030s know your patience and the questions and
1032s we appreciate it and we know that uh you
1035s know June seems far away but it gets
1037s closer every day so we got that going
1039s for us uh otherwise the next time you'll
1041s hear from us will'll be I on a turnam
1043s yes on May 13th on May 13th is that
1047s Mother's Day I wonder it's right around
1048s there oh sh I don't
1050s know anyway uh welcome back again Dave
1054s thanks Scott uh if you like what you saw
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1064s said X yeah you fell for it anyway all
1066s those cool places otherwise we will see
1068s you in a tum
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