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PTR: January 19th, 2023 Patch Notes

Please note that this list is not all encompassing and is intended as an early look into a number of changes included within the most recent PTR build. This change list will be regularly updated, up through retail release of the game version.

We have re-introduced Leaderboards during this update. Please provide your feedback here!


Notable Fixes

  • Fixed various issues that allowed players to perform actions with a faster move speed than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where the Purity of Light lLfe Staff Perk was not properly healing targets when a debuff was cleansed.



  • Fixed an issue that allowed Hatchet users to move faster than intended while performing attacks.

Life Staff

  • Fixed an issue where Perks and Passives would not always trigger while using a Bile Bomb Heartrune.


  • Fixed an issue that allowed Muskets to fire shots faster than intended.



  • Fixed an issue where the Mystic Sting Hatchet had the incorrect Strength attribute bonus.


Trading Post

  • Fixed an issue where Level 60 items would sometimes show as able to be equipped by players level 50-59 in the Trading Post.
  • Fixed an issue with the Trading Post “Can Equip” filter not showing all rarities of items when close to max level.

World Experience


  • Fixed an issue where the Hold Back the Night quest required the wrong number of ingredients.
  • Fixed an issue where the Faction Kill missions targeting “The Spread” couldn’t be completed.
  • Fixed the quest Miner’s Keeper so that mining the ore completes the quest.