over 1 year ago - Aenwyn - Direct link

The war auto-*finished unexpectedly without ocurring while we were manually pushing through the merc restrictions, despite previous tests. While it provided us valuable data as is the goal of the PTR, it obviously is unfortunate that we weren’t able to quickly resolve this when everyone logged in to play. While a different issue than the last time we hosted a War in PTR, we respect this has now happened twice to players and it’s not a great moment. We’re going to take significant steps to avoid it in the future.

As for this thread, while I appreciate some of the feedback that’s come from it, it’s also encouraging dissent without the community in the original post, so I’m going to go ahead and close it. Please refrain from being rude to one another and keep your feedback civil!

Edit: *My bad! Looks like it was just pushed that quickly while we were working to resolve the issue.