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Hi everyone!

The functionality you’re describing here is intended. The game behaves this way to ensure wars occur frequently, as well as to create regular opportunities for underdog Factions to battle a dominating power.

While it is important to run PvP missions as the Controlling Faction of a Territory, you can only stave off the inevitable for so long until eventually, you’ll have to test your mettle against an opposing army.

From a design perspective, we want wars to occur. They’re fun, they create social tension and excitement, and they give large groups of players the opportunity to work together towards a goal. It also evens the playing field on a fundamental level: regardless of how many total people are in a given Faction, a war is between two armies of 50.

Over time, it gets easier for Companies in the Factions that do not control a Territory to generate Influence and push that Territory into Conflict to enable a War Declaration.
The mechanism that adjusts the Influence contributions does not happen immediately. There is a grace period after a war where all efforts are equal, after which Influence contributions begin increasing over time for the Factions that are vying to take control of the Territory.

We know that these mechanics aren’t very clear, and we’re discussing ways to make them clearer in the future. At this time I don’t have an ETA for that change because it will be prioritized against other, potentially more critical changes, updates, and fixes.

Thanks for highlighting this as a point of confusion for the system. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to improve New World going forward!

See you in Aeternum!

23 days ago - HelpfulWalrus - Direct link

To further clarify: This affects individual turn-ins and it isn’t based on the number of companies that are doing the turn-ins.

Essentially, the PvP Faction Missions grow in Influence Value over time. Their relative value between each other is the same (which is why we denote them with + vs. ++ vs. +++) but the actual value of the mission turn-in goes up over time.