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0s at least there what's nice is it's not
2s just for PVE or PVP it'll be useful on
5s both sets of gear so it sort of brings
7s the gear together but short answer is
9s you know we're going to continue to look
11s at perks our goal is not to have one
13s that clearly outshines others
16s [Applause]
20s welcome to forge in eternum where we
22s talk about all things new world today we
24s have an episode of balance of power uh
28s we are filming this very soon after the
31s PTR launched so we don't yet have enough
33s info and data to really talk about
37s balance too much so we are looking at it
39s I think you know we're carefully
41s examining artifact power which ones are
43s too strong which ones are two weeks the
45s attribute threshold bonus is another
47s area we're looking at some of the new
49s perks old perks are they all balanced
51s and there's one potion that might be a
53s little overpowered I think you'll know
54s what I mean if you've been in the PTR so
57s we're looking at those things but not
58s enough concrete uh sort of data to make
61s decisions yet on so instead what I
64s thought we'd do today is do a little bit
65s of a follow-up on gear we did a deep
68s dive last balance of power and there
70s were a couple follow-up questions that I
71s wanted to answer so I'm going to hand it
73s over to Mr Lovin to ask the questions
75s how do I get a gear score 700 as a PVE
78s player perfect so let's talk about the
80s gearing Journey as a PVE player I think
83s the first thing you'll want to do is the
85s Elysian Wilds msq the main story quest
87s line depending on you know how much you
90s explore and if you do side quests and or
92s if you just rush through it you're going
94s to end up somewhere let's say gear score
96s 640 to maybe 650 at the end of that
100s maybe even a touch higher if you really
101s spend some time exploring so at about
104s 650 to 640 you're now available to sort
107s of start end game content so what that
110s means is a PVE player is you'll probably
112s start doing some of the base level
114s Expeditions these are you know what
116s we're now calling almost story mode
118s Expeditions we've really made them easy
120s we want all people to be able to
121s experience them it's sort of your
122s on-ramp to all to end game those will
125s drop gear that caps up to 685 so they'll
129s give you a nice way towards that 700
131s goal they're really a great first
132s on-ramp uh after that there's a couple
135s of options uh one is you can do open
138s world content uh open world drops depend
141s on the difficulty of the enemy so if you
143s go to the our hardest Elite content with
145s high level enemies uh you can get drops
148s off normal enemies up to 690 uh and uh
151s the named enemies and chest will drop up
153s to 700 so that's that's a great thing to
155s do mutations are a great way to get 700
158s gear uh any mutation level can drop up
161s to 700 the minimum level increases as
164s you go higher and higher so there's less
166s there's more of a chance sorry as you go
167s up the mutation scale to really get that
170s end with M3 dropping 695 to 700 so you
174s can really uh just sort of finalize that
176s final bit of gear score and lastly don't
179s forget corrupted portals they give you
181s caches and those can drop up to 700 also
185s so how do I get gear score 700 as a PVP
188s player yeah so your experience as a PVP
190s player we want to keep very focused just
192s on doing PVP content because that's what
195s that's what PvP was like uh so one of
198s the main ways is to continue doing uh
200s Arenas and oprs the caches in there can
203s drop up to 700 gear score items uh you
206s know the range is somewhat wide so it's
208s not going to be every game you're
209s getting 700 but you can get them so
211s continue to do the content you'll love
213s and you'll get there in addition don't
215s sleep on the new influence uh V2
218s mechanics that we're adding in season
219s three uh you do get a cash at the end of
221s every race and you get a ton of salt and
224s XP so we want these to be very rewarding
227s regardless of whether you're interested
229s in the race or not it's just a good
230s activity to do those caches will also
233s drop up to 700. and also the PVP reward
237s track is a great source of gear it'll
239s continue to drop named items which will
241s be a great way to get great gear and
244s every 10 levels you're going to get a
246s guaranteed 690. another important thing
249s to note is that the named items like all
251s named items will be able to be upgraded
253s to 700 with the appropriate Matrix
256s upgrading
258s all right uh and then how about gear
261s score 700 as a crafter uh Crafters have
265s two main ways to get to gear score 700
267s uh the first one is Prismatic Scarab
269s crafting uh this is the slightly more
272s expensive way uh you know it is on a
274s weekly cooldown it's definitely more
276s expensive uh but what it does is it
278s guarantees you 700 gear score and it
281s guarantees you the exact perks uh you
283s want all three perks can be determined
286s by the player uh the other alternative
288s is the chromatic seal uh crafting uh
291s that is definitely a cheaper option and
294s is on a daily cooldown but it only
296s guarantees you two perks so that third
298s perk will be random so it's a little bit
301s more of a higher risk but it's a lower
303s cost uh another important thing to
305s remember as Crafters is uh you know
308s there's lots of new options to re-roll
310s uh the third perk with named items uh
313s and with artifacts so those will be
314s another great Avenue for Crafters
318s all right um I have a question for that
320s I elicited uh on Reddit here um question
324s regarding Craft mods for perks that are
326s being removed what will happen to
327s existing mods for perks such as
329s refreshing Ward and siphoning will these
331s mods still be in our storages but unable
333s to craft with will we be able to convert
335s them as with umbral shards you will be
338s able to convert them as with Emerald
340s shards but rather than converting into
342s coin uh they'll convert into attribute
344s mods okay uh where do I get artifact X
349s uh artifact X I assume we're you know
352s the various artifacts uh well you
354s explore uh right we've got the artifacts
357s hidden throughout the various content in
358s our game uh obviously this will also if
361s you're you know want to speed it up I'm
363s sure someone will write an online guide
364s but the idea is here that they're
366s sprinkled through the various parts of
367s our content uh you know uh there's a lot
369s in Expeditions at the end of the Elysian
371s Wilds msq there's one uh sorry I'm
374s looking at my list here oh named enemies
376s throughout the world especially in
377s Brimstone and Elysian Wild's habit uh
380s the reward track has two of them both in
382s the free track uh also I saw a couple of
384s questions like what if I don't play this
386s season how can I get it later on we will
388s add the two artifacts that are in the
390s reward track to the general pools in
392s season four so you won't miss out on
394s that corrupted portals have a one or two
397s and last but not least the PVP reward
400s track has a number of them another
402s option for PVP players to to really get
405s that 700 gear score because all
406s artifacts are 700 gear score
409s okay why did you get rid of the
411s mandatory resilient perk for PVP and
413s replace it with Enchanted Ward and
415s health perk
416s so I mean our goal here is not to have
419s mandatory perks uh if we find one is too
423s strong we will definitely start looking
424s at that we'll try to bump up other ones
426s I think even something like Health which
428s I agree you know especially on Armor our
431s pool is a little more limited that one
432s will is relatively close to mandatory at
435s least there what's nice is it's not just
437s for PVE or PVP it'll be useful on both
440s sets of gear so it sort of brings the
442s gear together but short answer is you
444s know we're going to continue to look at
446s perks our goal is not to have one that
448s clearly outshines others
450s all right and coming to us from the
452s Creator program bear79 asks can we get
455s more clarification on the system of
457s umbral shards and current named 590 plus
460s items yeah so 590 items uh can be
464s upgraded to 625 before the expansion so
467s if you've got 590 items I suggest you do
470s that now uh post the expansion umbral
473s shards are gone you will no longer be
475s able to upgrade with them they will
477s convert into gold
478s but the good news is here that those
481s named items that you were getting at 590
483s will always drop at 6 25 moving forward
486s so uh you won't ever have to upgrade
488s them before any moving forward if you
490s get them because it'll always be at 6
491s 25.
492s okay that's it well thanks for joining
495s us today on balance of power I do have a
499s community question uh we're interested
500s what do you think is the most powerful
502s or what is your favorite artifact coming
504s up uh in season three uh let us know in
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515s The Chameleons are really a standout for
518s me yeah they're very fun yeah and
520s they're very chameleony they actually
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