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5s through the endless tides of
9s time they've come to these mythical
12s Shores seeking
14s Mastery over death
20s itself a cruel and beautiful
29s paradise where Primal forces
33s Clash over the Island's deepest
43s Secrets where ancient Mysteries
50s [Music]
52s [Applause]
57s awaken to unleash the power of
63s Legends where blades and
66s Bows
68s [Music]
68s [Applause]
75s [Music]
84s unite where heroes are forged
97s and demons are
118s born this
121s is
141s eternum hi everybody Welcome to the New
143s World aternum announcement development
145s update announcement oh that's right we
147s announced console woo uh and not just
151s console but anyone who has the PC
152s version of the game and purchased rise
154s of the angry Earth is going to have
155s access to all of this as well um so I'm
158s here with Dave and Katie and we're going
160s to bring out the rest of the team in a
161s little bit and we're going to tell you
162s about all the things coming in this
164s starting with storytelling we're going
167s to tell you the story of a tum because
169s it's kind of this crazy like lost island
172s and we're going to tell it through
173s enhanced dialogue system igc's
176s pre-rendered cutscenes and then we're
178s going to do other things Dave yeah we're
180s going to talk about navigating
181s throughout the world like this this
183s third person open roaming U mantling
186s jumping uh what's great is it's like an
188s open world you can explore we're going
190s to talk about the combat it's
191s action-based combat uh where you know
193s distances ranges uh aiming all that
196s stuff matters it's very kinetic feeling
198s combat yeah for sure and we'll also talk
200s about the soul trials which after you've
202s done your solo experience or you know
205s group experience if you like but this is
206s really geared towards the solo player so
208s once you have solo experience through
210s max level you get to do this repeatable
212s endgame content which is super fun we're
214s going to dig into that and then speaking
215s of endgame there's a big broad end game
218s out there so we're going to dig into the
219s pieces of that and I'm super excited for
222s that section yeah now we're going to
223s talk about just Katie mentioned it's a
225s solo it's a solo or a multiplayer game
228s and because of that you know we have a
229s lot of effort on performance making it
230s performant for as many players as can
233s get together or as few and then a huge
235s effort into just the overall quality of
237s the game so when you get it the
238s experience feels good then we're going
240s to wrap it up by getting a bunch of the
241s team members together and we're going to
243s talk about what's coming next so why
245s don't you just sit back enjoy the ride
247s and have some
249s fun hey everybody I'm Rob and this is
252s Nathan and Charles here to talk about
254s storytelling and uh and really what is
256s the world of eternum uh from a narrative
259s perspective and of course you know this
261s is an island uh this is the island of
263s Legend it's Eden it's shanga it's
265s Atlantis it's a place it's a magical
267s Supernatural uh Island that's that it's
270s in the world that's persisted across
272s history and uh and players quickly learn
274s here that like this is this is uh a
276s place where you live forever no one dies
278s on a tournament but there's all kinds of
280s you know magic and and stuff that
282s players are going to encounter as they
283s come here from the old world they set
285s sail from the old world at the beginning
286s of the game and I think that that kind
287s of takes us into you know who are you
290s right yeah tell me who are you char No
293s who who is the player I think at the
296s very beginning the player is kind of the
298s adventurer the Explorer the
301s we kind of set it up so you can pick
303s from your archetypes because players
304s come with different play styles from
306s other games or other MMOs so we wanted
307s to kind of give the player a little bit
309s of an open slate but give them um
312s buckets to like I want to be a Healer I
314s want to be a priest I want to be a
315s soldier I want to be an Explorer I want
317s to be I'm a ranger and so there's like
319s kind of a a a starting off point for the
322s player to latch onto their character but
324s then you customize your character and
326s make it kind of whatever you want from
328s there but everybody starts with that
329s like you're you're this Adventurer on
331s this boat sailing to this mythological
334s mysterious island and sort of the game
336s goes from there yeah you're on this
338s expedition to explore this Fantastical
341s Island and as you sail in disaster
344s catastrophic storm strikes like pretty
346s dramatic moment that we've realized in
348s cinematics and like it's uh it's huge
351s what kind of stuff do you expect on this
352s island what can the player expect to
354s discover or find as they go there you're
356s going to meet characters from history
358s you're going to meet cultures from
359s history you're going to encounter
360s ancient Romans ancient Egyptians you're
362s going to brush up against characters
365s straight out of aruan Legend like sir
367s Galahad um you're going to brush up
369s against uh characters who are from Real
371s World History like you know Grace Ali in
374s fact is one of your early friends is a
376s is a Irish pirate of some Renown um and
380s uh and each of these characters really
381s gets a lot of a lot of attention like
383s we've really worked hard on making these
385s characters both fun and interesting and
387s then also realizing the way they show up
390s on a tum you know the way that whatever
392s they brought to the island and then the
393s way they've reacted to the reality of
395s this place where no one dies and where
397s mythologies come to life um it's uh
400s those characters are pretty I feel I
402s feel really good about the way the
403s characters have come out yeah so I was
405s going to add there's also all the
406s supernatural creatures and monsters and
409s and things you're going to have to deal
410s with along you meet these characters but
412s then they're part of these groups like
414s The corrupted is this horrible dark
416s black demonic stuff that seems to affect
418s characters minds and it manif in a bunch
420s of ways and then there's the loss
422s they're almost like zombies they're sort
423s of losing their soul and their sense of
425s self and they become these sort of husks
428s um and then there's angry Earth which is
430s like the the plant life of the island
432s sort of coming to life and manifesting
434s as creatures that are trying to drive
436s out all these invasive forces that are
438s sort of taking over parts of the island
441s and there's you know a lot of range
442s within that all these different
444s creatures you're going to sort of have
445s to deal with and build different
447s strategies and different armor and you
449s know into sort of the nitty-gritty of
450s game mechanics and I think we do a
452s really good job actually like bringing
454s the player through in our kind of you
455s know first player experience I think
457s it's quite you know really elevated it's
460s a cinematic experience really you know
462s um all these vignettes along the way
464s that we've kept ingame as well and uh
467s you know just breadcrumbing the player
469s through the you know different parts of
471s of lore that are going to make more
473s sense as they you know get into you know
475s get past this process but we did a good
477s job with that mhm shifting our who
480s become enemies conflicts between the
482s characters like a lot of these come to
484s life especially in the in the ways that
486s we've enhanced the storytelling since uh
488s since this game launched on PC a few
490s years ago where you know now we have
492s cinematics many of them we have an
494s enhanced dialogue system like uh you
496s know the conversation experience is way
498s more cinematic than it used to be and
501s those characters come to life like never
502s before yeah yeah and I think we've done
505s a actually quite an um impressive job in
508s using multiple mediums I think with our
509s Antics and cut scenes you know we've got
511s story book illustrative animatics you
514s know that um um that I think are quite
516s relatable especially you know when we're
519s exploring you know really old characters
521s that are pulled from old literature you
523s know I think that's a really nice way to
524s communicate that and then up we have our
526s in-game cinematics too you know that are
527s Bridging the the narrative elements
529s between our gameplay and everyone knows
531s what cinematics are but uh but I think
533s I'm really proud with what we've done is
536s you know really from you know talking to
538s the players from from old you're you're
540s really going to see a brand new
542s experience here that's really lifted The
543s Narrative and I think it's great yeah
546s from the ship to certainly when you when
548s you ship wreck onto the island now
549s there's you're seeing a whole different
551s you're seeing this paradise kind of
554s place at first or it seems that way yes
556s I say it's like a whole new experience
558s the beginning of the game I think brings
559s you into the story it really sets up all
562s the different factions and characters
563s you're going to deal with it sets up a
564s lot of the initial Mysteries that you're
566s trying to figure out as a player I think
568s it sort of kicks the game off with a
569s bank so much effort's gone into this
572s Mission with you know New World aternum
575s um in lifting up the narrative uh the
579s narrative systems in the game and and
581s the narrative as a whole and I think
583s we've really kind of reached high in and
586s have successfully got there um you know
590s um and you must have some favorite
593s moments yeah there's almost too many to
595s list but I think what we've done with
596s some of the character introductions and
598s like Grace alip pops like very near the
601s beginning of the game the players are
602s going to bump into this Irish pirate
604s named gracei and uh and the you know you
608s walk up and she's on the top of her ship
610s shooting left and right and killing
612s corrupted as they come on her and it's
613s really it's an awesome scene and and it
615s really depicts who Grace is she's kind
617s of this badass she's carry on a
619s conversation with you while it goes on
620s and that becomes I think part of why
623s she's such a great buddy for the player
624s as you as you go forward from here and
626s like that's just the tip of the iceberg
628s though I mean there's so many Great
630s Character moments and and characters
632s that you get to meet and uh and I think
634s we have a lot going on with all that
636s we're super excited for you to come in
638s and experience the world of a tum meet
640s the characters that we've created um
642s experience this game that's radically
644s different than what uh came out on PC
646s three years ago so come on in have fun
649s with us all right let's dive into combat
652s navigation next I'm joined by Maldo and
654s Jr uh let's start out with navigation
657s tell us a little bit about what it's
658s like to navigate in a turn
660s sure yeah uh so we actually just rebuilt
662s navigation from the ground up for a tum
665s um and that meant redoing all the
666s animations um and the way the game uh
669s controls is it's very much um like other
671s action RPGs that you played uh so you
673s can run around uh in all directions
676s regardless of camera it's not locked
677s behind behind you um and uh the game
681s features a lot of uh verticality a lot
683s of like Ledges and things uh so we also
686s have um uh there's there's like a
689s traversal system so we have like
690s mantling we have like vaulting over
692s objects and that was you know just helps
694s with like the smoothness of moving
696s throughout the world nice uh and the
699s jump have we done any work on the jump
701s lately yeah actually so um again we also
704s uh redid the jump and that was largely
706s because of we have we have lots of
707s jumping puzzles in the game uh the world
710s designers like to like to add lots of
711s verticality in uh and so there's lots of
714s climbing and there's lots of like you
716s know jumping on this narrow ledge sort
718s of of gameplay way um and so we wanted
722s to improve the jump give it a little
723s more control in the air um to help help
726s out there and last but not least what
727s about water what happens when you hit
729s water yeah so water so water the
731s expectation is that you either swim you
733s know or float you don't sink right so uh
736s in a tum you also float but you can also
739s swim so and that is a new feature that
741s we just added for um for this new launch
744s awesome uh and Dave I know you've been
746s spending a lot of time on how it feels
748s uh to play with a controller your hand
750s so how's it feeling uh it's great it's
752s great feels very natural super smooth uh
754s you know it's a bit of a challenge
755s there's just a sheer number of things
757s that you can do um in the game you know
760s changing your stance swapping weapons
762s special abilities everything all on the
764s Fly Target locking switching targets uh
767s but it's it's um it feels really solid
769s right now very natural uh we've got some
771s good default setups already that people
773s can choose but anybody who wants to get
775s super specific and noodle around and
776s rebind keys to be you know their
778s favorite control set up uh they can do
780s that too yeah I think I think you've
783s started to hit it it just feels natural
784s when I'm playing it these days like I
786s run around and it does what I expect it
787s to do which is great nice well let's
789s jump into combat a little bit tell us
790s what fighting in combat is like in a
792s turnup yeah so um uh it's it's an action
795s RPG and that extends to the combat um so
798s everything is very action oriented um
802s everything is based on like positioning
804s and hit boxes and timing uh there's no
807s Auto attack in the game um so it's every
809s button press is a is a swing or or an
812s ability and uh just at the core of the
815s combat is your weapon and your weapon
817s determines your class in a tum um and
820s you can have two weapons um so the the
823s game basically re revolves around um you
826s know you you get your weapon you apply
829s uh you have unlockable abilities so each
832s weapon has three abilities that can be
834s spotted any time out of six possible
836s choices there's also like passives and
838s you can choose these as you um as you as
842s you play as you attack as you earn XP
844s and and you can spend that XP to unlock
847s yeah now I love like that sort of
848s feeling of progression you get with your
850s weapons and like you mentioned having
851s two of them is super fun right like I
853s love like setting up a combo with one
855s weapon then switching to my damage
857s weapon to sort of get the big execute
859s move so super fun to swap between them
861s yeah absolutely and that that's again
863s that's something that we we spend a lot
864s of time on is is making sure that all
866s works that doll does what you expect um
869s and that it can support both like you
871s know a a light level of play and like
874s high level of play for like the most
876s skilled players awesome Dave what about
878s Combat on your side anything that has
880s been adjusted or changed lately that you
882s think is really helping out combat yeah
884s I think um I think the biggest kind of
886s most noticeable addition lately has been
888s all the hit reaction stuff that we've
889s put in uh so we want to be really
891s careful with PVP because PVP is kind of
893s a big and exciting optional but big and
895s exciting part of a tum um but you can't
898s have players just being tumbled and
900s knocked over and sliding around you know
902s every time they get hit with a great Axe
903s or something but um for enemies doing
905s PVE content uh it's absolutely fantastic
908s you want that weight you want those
910s meaty Flacks you want to see them being
912s you know hurled into the bushes uh by
914s what you're doing whether it's you know
915s throwing Fireballs at them or swinging a
917s huge Hammer around and that's made the
919s game just um feel fantastic yeah I agree
922s I've played it and it's just it
924s definitely changes up that solo PVE
926s experience uh and it feels great uh Jr
929s what about any sort of assists we've
930s added for combat that are worth
932s mentioning yeah sure so um I didn't
935s mention but you control the camera with
937s your right stick which is typical um but
939s our game has a lot of aiming right a lot
941s of you know positional things so we
943s wanted to help you out with with that
945s aiming by giving you target lock so
947s Target lock is an option uh you can um
950s swap targets with the right stick when
951s you're when you're engaged in Target
952s lock but Target lock isn't like a a win
956s option you know it's like uh there's
958s like our projectiles still have travel
959s time so uh if your targets you know
962s moving quickly you might still miss um
964s but we also targets the chest right so
966s you don't get head shot that's true yeah
968s so so if you want head shots you need to
970s to aim down sights and and like you know
972s and try to hit hit the head but um also
975s worth mentioning is aim assist so that
977s was also something we added to to help
979s with um with aiming out both in and out
983s of Target lock that's awesome I think
985s the combat navigation has really come
987s together I think the team's really
988s worked hard to get it to feel natural I
990s know I'm having a blast plan it and I
992s think you all will too let's dig into
994s gathering in our trade skills system uh
996s I'm joined by Dan and Patrick uh Dan why
999s don't you kick us off and sort of
1000s introduce us into how you get introduced
1003s into all this uh part of our game yeah
1005s absolutely uh new world is is kind of a
1008s game where you like you do awesome
1010s combat and you do questing but then
1011s there's also so many like side
1013s activities right away in the game you
1015s get a skinny knife and you hunt a boar
1019s and you cook it at a fire for food you
1022s get a you get a another tool called a
1024s sickle and you use that to harvest uh
1026s herbs nearby um the whole world it's
1030s it's like it's this kind of place where
1032s it everything there is ripe for the
1034s taking and you use it and you as you as
1036s you cut plants and cook things your
1039s cooking skill goes up your harvesting
1040s skill goes up uh it's it's just kind of
1043s Addicting all by itself and you you
1045s frequently just forget that you're
1047s questing and yeah you spend yeah it's
1050s great one of my favorite is when you
1051s chop down a tree right like I love going
1053s into an area and seeing someone have
1055s deforested the whole place that loud
1057s Echo that's great so Patrick why don't
1060s you give us an overview of our trade
1061s skills like what types are there how
1063s many are there give us give us an
1064s overview here yeah for sure um so I
1066s think when looking at new world of Tums
1068s trade skills there's three real pillars
1070s to look at uh first you have your
1071s Gathering trade skills so logging mining
1073s skinning uh things of that nature where
1075s you're going out in the world and you're
1076s finding resources and harvesting those
1078s resources
1079s um what's really cool about that is as
1081s you progress through the world so to
1083s does the items that you're Gathering so
1085s instead of hire um instead of mining
1087s iron early on later you're finding
1089s mithil or Calcom um star metal all these
1092s really cool looking uh nodes in the
1094s world to go find so that's Gathering
1096s once I've gathered a lot of cool
1098s resources I bring them back to town and
1100s when we're in town we enter the refining
1102s part of the trade skill Loop this is
1104s smelting weaving um other trade skills
1106s that let you refine those uh Goods
1108s you've gathered into usable Goods for
1110s the crafting portion um which is the
1112s third pillar here that's the actual
1114s crafting part of trade skills so
1115s outfitting weapon smithing engineering
1118s uh Arcana cooking there's a number of
1120s other ones as well all of these let me
1122s take those refined goods and craft them
1123s into really cool usable items and in
1125s most cases these items are pretty
1127s powerful too so if you're entering a
1129s gathering and crafting as a early game
1132s player you're making some pretty I don't
1134s know if we can say badass but pretty
1135s badass uh gear that's going to really
1137s carry you throughout those levels and
1138s make you much more powerful so it's
1140s super exciting it's one of my favorite
1141s parts of our game yeah and one of the
1143s great things in New World detour is
1144s there's a trading post right so like
1146s when you make this stuff then you can
1147s sell it to other players or players can
1149s buy it for you and it creates this sort
1150s of player-driven economy which is really
1152s cool just key to the game too like our
1153s player-driven economy I think is one of
1155s the things that really sets us out on
1156s the market and makes new world the tourn
1158s them just so unique uh so you can find
1160s your niche in that world as that crafter
1162s and make a ton of coin become a very
1164s powerful person uh on your Realm by
1166s going about and crafting awesome well
1168s those are are sort of some of the core
1170s trade skill any other ones you want to
1171s talk about Dan and highlight yeah I mean
1173s the system lets us do other cool stuff
1175s that's like uh like we have musical
1176s instruments you get a fishing pole and
1178s like there's there's all these like
1180s beautiful bodies of water and like you
1182s know the the graphics look amazing so
1184s the sun setting over the water and
1185s you're fishing it's just like it's
1187s wonderful uh there's there's riding so
1189s you get your Mount and the more you ride
1191s your Mount and the more activities you
1193s do with your M your writing skill
1194s increases which gives you speed and
1196s other uh powerups uh and then we're
1198s going to be talking a little more about
1199s endgame but this crafting Loop also
1201s plays into the end game a little bit
1203s doesn't it Patrick Yeah crafting is
1204s massive with our endgame um we'll talk
1206s more about that later but as an endgame
1208s crafter you're creating some of the most
1210s powerful items in our game um like I
1212s said as you uh level up and increase
1214s your trade skill it gets more powerful
1215s with you so endgame crafting lets you
1217s create the best items in the game uh to
1219s exactly the specification that you want
1221s to create um it's a really cool way to
1223s tie kind of the broader world into a lot
1225s of those endgame activities we'll cover
1226s later yeah that control you get out of
1228s craft is a big part of it yeah it's big
1230s and then one of the other pieces there
1231s too is the aptitude system so uh the end
1234s of crafting level 250 isn't the end of
1236s crafting now you can keep going and
1238s grind even more levels that will just
1240s never end so I can become the most
1243s detailed crafter on my server in weapon
1245s smithing and get great rewards out of
1247s that as well awesome well thanks for
1249s joining in this deep dive onto crafting
1251s and Gathering I think you know what
1253s makes it special for me is like what you
1254s were talking about like there's just
1256s there's such density in the world of New
1257s World DET tourn there's always something
1259s to do you can gather this mine this it
1261s just it keeps you busy it's super fun
1263s it's hard to stay on track so stuff to
1266s do hey there new world aternum players
1269s I'm here to talk to you about Soul
1270s trials so you've already heard a little
1273s bit about our combat and soul trials are
1276s where you get to put some of that combat
1278s to work so what is a soul trial exactly
1282s well if you like to play solo more by
1285s yourself than in any of our team fights
1289s then Soul trials are going to be really
1291s exciting for you that's your opportunity
1293s to fight one-on-one with combatants in
1295s new world and it's also a really good
1298s opportunity to showcase some of the
1299s eternum story so I'm here with Rob who's
1302s going to tell you a little bit about
1303s that yeah the uh what's so cool is I
1306s mean when we first started this we we
1307s were only able to do a couple of these
1309s but like now we've got them in almost
1311s like all the big moments of the story
1313s have these great climactic fights where
1316s often times you're facing up against
1317s characters you've met somewhere else in
1319s the world and now you're having this
1321s showdown with them in this awesome
1322s instance and they've got all these
1324s special moves and there's a lot of
1326s challenge in the fight um and it's kind
1328s of cool because it's something that I
1329s haven't seen done in ml before yeah and
1332s it takes you to a lot of different
1333s worlds you get to go into the world of
1335s corruption you get some heartbreaking
1336s moments and a lot of different
1338s environments there's a lot of artistic
1340s storytelling too for sure these are kind
1342s of like Capstone spaces I think too
1344s visually CU it's a very controlled space
1346s you're going into this basically like
1348s one-on-one Arena against whatever the
1350s bad is that you're facing and I think we
1353s tried to really make them visually be
1355s that Capstone as well like we really
1357s want to ratchet up that drama so it
1359s feels like this climactic moment that
1361s you have to deal with in the story and
1362s then you progress on to the open world
1364s and do other things but I think they
1367s they got a lot of extra attention
1369s visually and super exciting too that
1372s they they are repeatable at endgame like
1374s you could play these things as many
1375s times as you like which I I think was
1377s you know something that we really wanted
1378s since so much attention was put into
1380s making these fights interesting like to
1383s be able to replay them and kind of
1384s perfect your your approach I guess
1387s strategically yeah even back to some of
1390s the ones that players may have missed so
1391s if you're just joining us now and you
1393s didn't get a chance in some of the
1394s earlier Seasons some of the temporary
1396s trials are going to be coming back so
1398s whether you're a new or returning player
1400s you're going to get a chance to play all
1401s of those unique fights that we have to
1403s offer can you tell us a little bit more
1405s about the endgame and some of the
1406s rewards you'll get from this Soul Tri
1409s yes so Soul trials are a really good
1411s chance to play a solo game play you've
1415s got your Expeditions and team fights but
1417s you've also got really great gamep
1419s playay just on your own and you can
1421s still get all the great loot that you
1423s can get in all of the group and team
1426s content you can still get some great
1427s loot in the solo content as far as
1430s endgame goes we're going to hand that
1432s off to the next group to talk about that
1435s Patrick why don't you kick us off with
1436s what is endgame yeah so new world when
1439s you've reached level 65 and completed
1440s your main story Quest you enter the part
1442s of the game we call endgame um at this
1445s point you're starting to chase higher
1446s gear score go and Conquer different
1448s challenges harder content and that's
1450s when the game really starts to open up
1452s to like a broad variety of activities
1454s yeah that's what I like about it because
1455s you know the the story is a little bit
1457s more linear you follow a set path but
1459s when you hit endgame like the choices
1461s are are so vast absolutely so Dan why
1463s don't you talk a little bit about some
1464s of those early choices so I just entered
1467s early endgame uh what are some things I
1469s might be doing yeah I would say so the
1471s game kind of starts to open up a little
1472s bit just before you hit Max so like it
1475s you'll you'll get access to Outpost rush
1478s you get Outpost access to Arenas Outpost
1481s rush for new players sure Outpost Rush
1483s is uh so we have a few kind of instanced
1485s game modes on offer both PVE and PVP
1488s Outpost Rush is a is a PVP 20 v20 uh
1492s kind of like you know capture the point
1494s and battle game mode it's pretty cool
1496s then we have Arenas which that's 3v3 PV
1500s uh I mean you know but like a lot of
1502s it's a lot more organic than just the
1503s instant stuff obviously so like you know
1506s one of the things that I know I like to
1507s do is like once you kind of get to max
1509s level then you kind of you know start
1510s focusing on your skills we have gosh I
1512s don't even how many trade skills we have
1513s you can Max all those out you can do uh
1516s musical performances and Max those out
1519s uh fishing uh you can do uh you can go
1522s around the world and do uh Elite uh
1524s chest runs you can do portals and what
1526s are portals cuz portals are fun if
1528s you're new to the game yeah so portals
1530s are you they're they're kind of cool cuz
1532s you see them in uh in early game uh like
1534s the world just kind of turns red and
1535s tries to kill you all of a sudden then
1537s later when you're like you know super
1539s powerful you can come back to these
1541s random kind of like like throughout the
1543s world the kind of corruption takes over
1546s and starts to you know like invade your
1548s reality and you can get you can like
1550s take a mon solo you can try or you can
1552s get a group and go in and farm them out
1553s for resources and cool gear yeah what I
1556s like about that is there's something for
1557s everyone right if you're total solo
1559s player you got sold trials uh if you
1562s want to play with big groups you got
1563s things like invasions uh if you want to
1566s play with smaller group you didn't
1567s mention much about the the Expeditions
1568s the are dungeon like experiences y
1570s that's another good example of like you
1572s start experiencing those through
1573s leveling and then when you get to max
1575s level then like they all become
1576s available ni so let's say I've been
1578s playing a little bit now Patrick and I'm
1580s nearing more of like the mid to late end
1582s game tell me a little bit about that
1584s sure thing um so kind of going off that
1585s PVP PVE split uh as a PVP player
1589s uh as Dan already mentioned you have
1590s Outpost Rush which is a great intro if
1592s you want to take that a step further and
1593s really you know hone in on coordination
1595s you hop into our war mode This Is 50 50
1598s uh epic Siege of a fort and offers
1601s pretty great rewards other uh options
1603s for PVP players include the reward track
1605s so all of the PVP you're doing gives you
1608s a PVP experience which uh leads me to
1611s the PVP reward track which has awesome
1613s rewards on it um great opportunity to
1615s get gear up to gear score 700 some
1617s unique artifacts
1619s um and then on the PVE side of things we
1621s have mutated Expeditions so those uh the
1624s dungeon like experience we just talked
1625s about there's harder variants of that so
1628s M1 M2 and M3 with M3 offering the very
1631s best gear uh for those experiences up to
1634s gear score 695 to 700 uh really great
1637s opportunity to coordinate with a small
1639s group of people and take on a pretty
1640s difficult challenge uh as those Chang
1642s week to week other big opportunity there
1645s uh for the PVE side is the raid so yeah
1648s introducing uh new world's first linear
1651s raid so three bosses each boss
1653s progressively harder than the last and
1654s they require uh pretty elaborate
1656s teamwork from a group of 10 players to
1658s get the highest gear score gear in the
1659s game uh capping out at gear score 725 so
1662s the rate is a super unique experience
1664s and I'm beyond excited for players to
1665s hop into that one yeah that's super fun
1668s yeah what about on the PVP side anything
1670s new else that you want to mention uh
1672s there is a free-for-all area coming for
1674s the PVP uh experience so this will be an
1676s opportunity to hop into this as a as a
1679s one-off player it's very different from
1680s anything we've built in New World um
1682s this experience allows you to go kill
1684s other players loot chests kill enemies
1686s and get what we call Mystic deons out of
1688s it taking those deons to a shop lets you
1690s buy some of the best gear in the game
1691s and it's a really really thrilling
1693s experience gets the heart going uh and
1695s I'm really excited to see how players
1696s like it yeah I think it's fun whether
1699s you want to be a killer and look for
1701s people and also I'm more of like a
1703s gather I love going around trying to get
1704s all the chest or gather stuff and then
1706s run run out before someone gets love to
1708s kill the people doing exactly that so
1710s it's super fun it kills me a lot uh so
1713s Dan I'm I'm a new player so much fun
1715s stuff to do is there any way to sort of
1717s help me find all this fun stuff
1718s absolutely so I mean you know a lot of
1720s these you can access these from the map
1722s as you explore through the through the
1723s leveling uh experience but then also
1725s from the menu there's uh there's a
1726s screen called activity finder which kind
1729s of like you know it's a One-Stop shop
1730s for all these activity types and it
1732s gives you access to uh the matchmaking
1734s pool which you know we have a few
1735s different varieties of how you can
1737s matchmake uh including just like a you
1739s know click and then it enters the system
1741s and and finds you a group to play with
1743s yeah and now we have some actual
1745s matchmaking in some of the modes like in
1747s in arenas which I think will be big yeah
1749s it it definitely is going to help a lot
1750s make sure that the game is like kind of
1752s at your right challenge level so what if
1755s I'm like not into all this power
1757s progression and upleveling my gear is
1758s there anything for me to do in the end
1760s game Patrick uh so everyone knows the
1761s most important End Game feature is
1763s fashion so there's transmog um there's
1766s thousands of appearances in new world
1767s that I can go chase when I get an item I
1769s unlock that appearance uh in my
1771s collection and then I can transmog that
1773s appearance into a wearable piece of
1774s armor that I can slot onto any piece of
1776s gear I have equipped so if I really like
1778s this cool ey patch I find I can transmog
1780s that and change any helmet I have into
1782s that cool eye patch uh the other side of
1784s things is housing uh housing in new
1786s world is pretty robust and we have a lot
1788s of really rare uh housing items such as
1790s a goldfish bowl that you can go find uh
1792s throughout the world and if you find
1793s those uh they're awesome collector's
1795s items they sell for a ton of coin and
1797s they're pretty prestigious items to to
1798s find so go and hunt down that cool
1800s fashion that cool housing items that's
1802s an awesome solo one game right there
1804s awesome hey well thanks for joining me
1806s to talk about the endgame uh I really
1808s love this part about new worlded
1809s tournaments where the game opens up you
1811s sort of get to find your own path what
1812s do you like to do uh I think there's
1814s something for everyone to enjoy here in
1816s the end game hey everybody I'm Scott and
1819s I'm joined today by Dave and Andy and
1821s we're going to talk about the
1822s performance and quality improvements in
1824s New World aternum so I think we can all
1827s agree like our game feels the most fun
1829s when you're playing with lots and lots
1830s of uh people in the world and it feels
1832s full and populated um what are some of
1834s the the things we've been working on to
1836s to give us that feeling when you're
1837s playing the game sure so first thing um
1840s we're adding crossplay support to
1842s console uh it's going to roll out on
1844s Xbox and Playstation um and really what
1847s this is going to do is is make the
1848s worlds feel more alive you're going to
1849s be able to play with your friends on
1850s multiple platforms um you going be quest
1853s with them play together on everything
1854s you would be able to do on on PC um so
1857s we think you know with crossplay being
1859s uh re introduced with console uh it's
1861s going to feel like a great experience
1863s nice and so when we have you know all
1865s these Xbox and PlayStation and PC
1867s players playing together uh we need to
1869s make sure they that you know we can put
1871s them all in the same world and stuff so
1872s what kind of tech have we added to to
1874s help with kind of like our our
1876s population density so we've added both
1880s Tech to get you into the game faster um
1883s so that we can eliminate any any cues at
1885s the beginning of the game to get people
1886s in there um as well as Tech to allow
1890s players to be a lot more dense so you
1892s can have more people in combat um at the
1895s same time in the same area all right so
1898s then the queing tech that you're talking
1899s about like it's going to apply no matter
1901s how many people are waiting to play
1902s we're going to be a get them in right
1904s away yeah our goal is to get a large
1906s volume of players into the worlds that
1907s they choose as fast as possible so they
1909s can enjoy a new world at return them um
1911s and if that world's not available then
1913s we're going to allow you to select the
1915s world of your choice so that you can
1916s immediately play the game that's awesome
1919s and so that's uh a lot of uh
1922s optimization work we've done and and
1924s iteration on the combat experience in
1926s different kind of like key experiences
1928s when like lots of people are in town
1929s lots of people are in combat things like
1931s that to make it so that we can uh like
1933s show all of that at like good frame
1935s rates and and like basically we want it
1938s to play great and and and it will um so
1942s then on the visual side what are some of
1944s the other big features that that players
1946s can uh look forward to sure so there's
1949s there's been a lot of work that's been
1950s on that's been done on the game to help
1952s um just with asset loading and
1954s optimization as a whole across the game
1956s and really this all goes towards the
1957s benefit of improving performance on
1959s Console uh the engine's gone through an
1961s overhaul and we've added 4K support HDR
1964s support um really what that means is on
1967s your console when you're playing on your
1968s on your big screen TV it's going to look
1970s great um so a lot of a lot of time and
1972s effort's gone into just making it feel
1973s like a brand new engine when you play on
1975s on Console it is a brand new engine
1977s essentially and PC players are going to
1979s be able to take advantage of that as
1980s well absolutely cool well that's all
1981s we've got for today uh you know we could
1984s dive deeper into the weeds but we'll
1985s save that for future videos we'll have
1987s deeper dives into this and other topics
1990s and you know with all these improvements
1992s the game is going to uh feel great and
1993s we can't wait for youall to play it uh
1996s so thanks for joining
1997s us hey thanks everybody we covered so
2000s much but there's still a lot more to
2001s talk about on top of that we are just so
2004s excited to bring a tour to all of you
2006s console and PC players around the world
2008s stay tuned for more information
2010s including updates on Clos beta but other
2013s than that we will see you in
2022s [Music]