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PTR: November 17th, 2022 Patch Notes

Please note that this list is not all encompassing and is intended as an early look into a number of changes included within the most recent PTR build. This change list will be regularly updated, up through retail release of the game version.


  • Added skins as a reward for Days Governed (Company Leaderboard)
  • Fixing an issue with the Leaderboards UI behaviour, making sure that the viewing player’s rank always appears in the section below the Leaderboard, even if they don’t appear in the page of stats being vewed.
  • OPR Damage Taken and Damage Absorbed were removed from the Leaderboard.
  • Fixed an issue where rewards for War Score were swapped on Leaderboards.
  • Fixed an issue where the 3v3 Arena score showing up in the in-game user interface.
  • Fixed an issue where negative Expedition scores are tracked as positive scores on the Leaderboard.



Life Staff

  • Fixed an issue where the Life Staff iItensify passive was showing the incorrect text in the flyout when activated.


Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing Winter Convergence Attribute Foods (Like Spiced Nog) to not sort into the correct category in the player inventory. They should now sort into ‘Attribute Foods’.

Trade Skills


  • Adjusted bonus item chance for Alkahest recipes when using Aloe Gel as the primary ingredient.


Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused caused the scoring in Barnacles and Black Powder Mutation to be innacurate.

World Experience

Notable Fixes

  • Added camp obstruction bound to Yonas’ cave to ensure players cannot get stuck in camps upon interacting with entrance.
  • Players can no longer place camps close enough to together to form a wall or trap AI inside of a camp as it spawns
  • Fixed an issue where casting the Fishing Rod and swapping weapons could put your weapon in a bad state.


  • Updated ‘The Missing Tribute’ quest to better support reset functionality
  • Fixed an issue in the Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition Mutator where it must completed before chests appear, blocking certain Faction missions.
  • Moved chest and quest pin for Infiltrate Edengrove quest.
  • Resetting ‘Grasping Twilight’, ‘Dusky Focus’, and ‘Hold Back the Night’ quests will re-grant the required quest recipe, preventing players from not being able to complete the quests.
  • Fixed an issue with the voice over and text dialogue in French for Ser Payne Bennett, Imhotep, and Alaina Kraus.


  • Housing Decorations will no longer appear in the Decoration menu before loading is complete

Territory Ownership

  • Access to PVP Missions has been removed from the Faction board in Faction Enclaves in Everfall. This is to prevent the Marauders’ advantage of close proximity to the Fort when running PVP Missions.


  • Updated Greatsword Icons to improve visual quality.