2 months ago - Fenne - Direct link

Hi there! I asked the team for further clarification on this topic and here’s their response:

If players are tied for first place on a Leaderboard, they’ll both get the best reward provided they are both still tied when the Leaderboard’s final scores are tallied. If other players pass them before that happens or they are no longer tied then rewards are given out as usual.

2 months ago - Fenne - Direct link

Hi all, I circled back around with the team on this and hopefully this will add some clarity and answer your questions thus far:

  • If you’re in a tied position on the leaderboard, you are tied for that position. No one will be bumped or moved up or down in ranking when it comes to rewards on tied positions.
  • You will get all rewards associated with that position you’re tied for so long as your ranking doesn’t change. This is true for everyone who is in the tied position.

Feel free to drop more questions regarding ties on the Leaderboard and I will continue to bring them to the team. :slight_smile:

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