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Hi there! I’m really enjoying your game. I wanted to post this on the mega thread but it’s archived now, maybe it timed out.

I play on the Mac and there are a few quirks I wanted to report.

  1. Need a larger UI option and more zoom (than what’s already available/configurable). The Mac’s display has a very high DPI, so while the resolution is huge, it’s still a 15’ screen. It was particularly hard to pick a starting location; I had to use the Mac’s native screen zoom in to see the tiles.

  2. Allow to customize (or change the key) for making scroll either zoom in or shift through the floors. Right now it’s “control”, while scrolling, which is actually what the software zoom in I mentioned before uses, so it prevents me from using this. It’d be nice if this was “command” instead. It’d also feel more Mac, since the control position is a bit awkward for constant use, while command is large and next to the space bar.

  3. Need a way to configure scroll speed for zooming/shifting through floors. Right now it’s super fast, and can go from one end to another within millimeters of trackpad or mouse scroll. The Mac hardware pushes tiny little scrolls as the finger moves over the mouse/trackpad, so if the software doesn’t read the length and just reads the “wheel up/down” triggers, it goes insanely fast. Windows pushes these triggers with a lot more space in between on trackpads.

Hope that’s enough detail, I’d love to see these addressed if possible so it feels less difficult to control.

Thank you for working on this game!

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Thanks for the feedback!