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You should go read the thread about this topic:


We talk about scaffolding as well as some other ideas.

The solution I'm going to try is to limit climbing above a certain vertical z. i.e., no climbing vertical pathways higher than 2 blocks. Players will be responsible for providing vertical access such as ladders to ensure tall structures can be built. I'm also going to add a settings option so players can disable this limitation if they're only interested in building and not so much the survival aspect of the game. Later on in development, this will evolve into two game modes such as you'd see in Minecraft. i.e., survival and creation modes.

I don't have any plans to do ramps any time soon because it introduces a ton of problems that I don't have the time to solve just right now. Perhaps later in development though.

As for your other question about stairs, I'll look into improving the texture and see if I can make it transition with other stairs.


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I do not think villagers or anyone should be able to climb more than 1 block high walls no matter what kind without a ladder. I have a mineshaft and i see them climbing up and down the sides more than 10 blocks which is stupid. I even have a stairway up. What im mostly worried about besides it looking stupid, is the fact that enemies most likely can also scale walls like that, which means the walls i created around my settlement is useless.