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Hi everyone! I think I'm experiencing a bug with my fisherman. I once (many days before) set him to fish in this bridge, but removed all the fishing jobs.

As you can see, no fishing jobs around the bridge.

Then I created new fish jobs at the nearby lake, but he just stays at the bridge forever.

New fishing jobs, unattended.

The guy is still fishing at the same old spot. Is it a bug?

EDIT: I also tried moving him to the new place but he just returned to the bridge. Then I messed with the priorities of the new fishing spots, increasing and then reducing them back to one. That made him behave correctly for a while, but after a day, he was back to the bridge again... lol

Best regards and congratulations for the wonderful game.

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That's a bug. I completely re-wrote the job systems for version (the next update) so stuff like this is fixed.