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Sorry guys, I was very happy with this area when I designed it, I don't see the issue here.

Can you be more specific with how this is causing you visual issues please as, I will need very specific evidence to present a case to remap the area.

Many thanks, Mod Ghost.

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Originally posted by master_reub

Mod Ghost,

Thank you for replying so promptly and professionally. You're a real asset to the Oldschool team.

The key issue I (and it would seem others too) have with the textures is that they are very blurry. When a player runs over the textures this effect is amplified by the constant visual change based on the motion of the game window.

Overall I believe (and I am sure that most would agree) that the area has been very well designed, and we all respect your continued attention to detail across the board.

Might I suggest that the juxtaposition of the textures causing the blurriness be attended to?

I hope this makes sense. Once again, thank you.


I've checked this out in game and see that the sand inbetween the floor slats does flicker a lot and makes the area unclear when the camera is moving.

I'd be more than happy to remove this sand, so I've asked Ash to put a last minute poll question in to make sure the community is happy with this change.

Thanks for getting in touch and explaining the issue.

Mod Ghost

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