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  1. Make it toggleable (obviously)
  2. Do NOT poll it
  3. Get it done quick plz (will personally pay 7$ if its by christmas)

Why should it have high priority? New players - it is sad to recommend this game to friends and have them completely give up because minecraft looks better. Thanks for coming to my TED talk, stream images below

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

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13 days ago - /u/Mod_Grub - Direct link

These are all explorations at this stage, we're being extremely cautious with it as it's so easy to lose that particular oldschool feeling. Really great to see this reception, rest assured that whatever the result, it'll be something we'll keep you all in the loop throughout. I don't have control over priorities but I can say that a revitalization of OSRS graphics is up there.

13 days ago - /u/Mod_Grub - Direct link

Originally posted by DrDilatory

Sort of... As someone who is pretty strongly against any graphical changes to this game, it still impacts your experience if every single screenshot, video, internet post, and promotional material for the game takes on the new updated graphics, and you're left behind in a minority playing it the original way. You'll feel obligated to switch even if you'd rather not. Any content you might want to make might not be as well received anymore if it looks the old way, through no fault of your own other than the fact that you have a personal preference that the majority of the community doesn't agree with.

I mean just try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who likes the way the game looks now and derives enjoyment out of the game looking the way they always remembered as a kid, then coming to the subreddit and seeing 99% of posts looking like a completely different game.

I don't know, I feel really mixed on it, if it truly would bring more people into the game then I think it's worth it. But I don't share the same faith that everyone else here seems to that a graphical overhaul is what is keeping this game from gaining thousands upon thousands of new subscribers.

Totally appreciate where you're coming from, the goal here is to update the graphics in such a way as to improve upon what's there already, not to march on to ever higher fidelity. That was the road RS3 took, so Jagex already has a running experiment like that. Here we're just making steps to finesse what we already have. Shayzien being a good example, or the recently revamped vamp crypt in Night of the Theater. The tech demo screenshots released so far are highly experimental. They're as much an example of what not to do as an example of what to do, I wouldn't give them too much weight right now with regards to the final artstyle.

12 days ago - /u/JagexDeagle - Direct link

Great to see that you liked it! As stated those images are very rough explorations and nothing that we have committed to as of yet. There is still lots of R&D that needs to be done before we come to any conclusions but rest assured that we will keep everyone in the loop and are open for feedback (constructive ones) :)

Tune in for more awesome stuff in the nearest future!

12 days ago - /u/JagexDeagle - Direct link

Originally posted by datavased

I want to be respectful with this comment, I understand that it isn't a single Jmod's decision, but you all HAVE to understand how disrespected we feel as a community right now. I was so happy to see the Jagex art stream, and the direction it is headed, but the Third-Party HD Clients Statement today has soured that excitement completely.

There is NO excuse for letting these HD projects get to their final day of testing/approval to shit-can it. if you had done this a month into development i would understand, but this is so blatant its just disrespectful to the community who has put so much work into your game.

Edit: personally I have 3 friends that I had convinced to start playing when the runelite HD plugin was released. that could have been today, but now I have to tell them to forget it because this game won't see a graphical updates for years

Yes, I completely understand, and I can assure you that these decisions are not taken lightly by Jagex. Obviously the stream yesterday had nothing to do with the announcement of today, it may sound like it but that is not the case. We actually postponed the stream yesterday due to illnesses, bank holiday and vacations a couple weeks already.

The team at Old School are very dedicated to the community and are doing their best to provide the best experience possible for players. In my past 2 years joining Jagex of my many years in the industry, I've never seen a more dedicated dev team to a game as much as the OSRS team.

When it comes to graphical updates - We know that this is something that many players want, we are working very hard on finding the best way to approach this. A solution that can satisfy all players of Old School, both new and old.

I know this doesn't necessarily satisfy any of the bad feelings from todays announcements, but your friends might not have to wait as long as you think :)