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We're approaching the final week of QoL month dedicated to Other/Miscellaneous changes that don't fit the previous categories.

If you have any changes you'd like included in the final poll for QoL month that aren't Combat or Skilling related and haven't been polled before - let us know here!

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Originally posted by BioMasterZap

  • Make the Graceful Set Effect scale per piece worn. This could be same as weight reduction (3% Hood, 5% Top, 6% Legs, 3% Gloves, 4% Boots, 4% Cape, and an extra 5% for using full set).

  • Add Right Click Spellbook Options to the Ancient Altar, Lunar Altar, and Dark Altar in the POH. Currently, only the Occult Altar has this option while the others have a left click Venerate that opens a dialog with 1 or 2 options.

  • Allow the Rowboats on Fossil Island to row to all locations. Currently, the Base Camp Rowboat cannot row "Out to Sea" (Diving Area) and you need to go to the Northern Coast, then Out to Sea instead.

  • Add a Right Click Reset to Hunter Traps like Bird Snares. Currently, only Box Traps have a reset option.

  • Make Fungicide (refills) stack. Allow a Fungicide to be used on a Fungicide Spray of any amount to top it up to 10.

  • Make Fungicide Spray automatically reload the refill from inventory when it runs out, possibly as a Slayer Unlock or part of Shroom Sprayer.

  • Give Veos a Right Click Travel Option for each location instead of just "Travel" with a dialog menu.

  • Add an option to select a left click on the Jewelry Box like you can with Nexus and Amulet Mounts.

  • Allow using a GE Box Set on a GE Clerk or GE Counter to unbox it.

  • Add a "Take All" option to the Cleaning Tools in the Varrock Museum.

  • Remove the "Pick" option on Zygomites when Attack Options are set to hidden.

  • Allow players to build a Dorgesh-Kaan Portal in POH using 100 (1000 for Nexus) Dorgesh-Kaan Sphere or the supplies to make them. The Troll Stronghold Portal already uses a Teleport Item instead of a Teleport Spell and better accessibility to Dorgesh-Kaan could help the city be less dead.

Excellent list - thanks for this!

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