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Let's talk about what's happening next with Forestry!
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Originally posted by Equivalent-Long4396

on't forget to tune into our livestream today from 17:00 BST over on Twitch, and Discord Stages on Wednesday 14th at 17:00 BST!

may have a D missing somewhere....

Appreciate it, have sorted that issue!

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Originally posted by thescanniedestroyer

This part isn't exactly clear and would probably help with a bit of a clarification

The final thing we want to discuss for this initial release is to do with Ultimate Iron players. We previously said we were going to poll whether the Freaky Forester should be able to note logs. After reviewing your feedback, we feel like this is not the correct path to take.

You can kinda tell from context cues from the following paragraphs, but by not polling does this mean it will or will not be added?

I've added some words at the end of that to make it very clear.

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Originally posted by Buckeyeup

This wasn't mentioned in the post: will using the 2h axes require an attack level to cut a tree or can we passively use it similar to current state (i.e. just have it in inventory)?

Yeah, they will work exactly as the current axes work :)

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Originally posted by UnluckyNate

Question tangentially related to beta situation. Will the ongoing beta world difficulties impact the upcoming planned DT2 beta at all?

No, they will use the classic Beta Worlds so you should be seeing another Beta soon.

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Originally posted by VanillaGorilla2012

I’m willing to wait until what’s left to be said about the boosts but the wording in the post makes it seem like you’re still intending on keeping the effects but want to try and explain them away. I’m dying on the hill if they can’t be largely WC related (more bird eggs/clue nests etc) then they need to be scrapped.

That's the intention I believe and exactly why we pushed it to Part Two.

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Originally posted by ThundaBears

Well this all looks amazing, but I was really looking forward to some of those tertiary effects. Such as; the clue scroll drop rate, and the superior slayer creature spawn chance.

If I may ask, where does this negative feedback come from? is it across youtube videos, reddit forums, and osrs forums? Or is there a discord channel to talk about future updates?

Ultimately, the perspective of this update and the content itself doesn't really reflect the bonuses you get, tieing players into feeling like they have to do Forestry to become the most efficient for something very far removed from the content itself.

That's what I could gather from the majority of comments across multiple areas from multiple players.

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Originally posted by matplotlibtard

How will redwoods benefit from the group boost, given that the game object isn't really a single "tree"? Will everyone have to be standing on the same tile chopping the same "patch" of redwood, or will the bonus apply even if people are chopping on different sides of the tree?

It would only be from the same interactable piece. So to benefit, all chop from the same place!

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Originally posted by christley

The 2h axes seem like a pure downgrade unless you're a sweaty gamer.

10% xp boost for significantly less resources? You'll be gaining 3-5k extra xp per hour, while losing out on a significant portion of the reward for woodcutting. Unless you're doing teaks or powerchopping this will mean absolutely nothing.

I can at least hope the rations are auto eaten/drunk/whatever whenever needed so we don't need to manually click them.

The Forester's Rations are automatically eaten when you're run energy is depleted per swing, which is how it's effective.

And with you just needing 1 x Leaves + Cooked Meat to make 3 you can get them fairly quickly!

I can try and make that clearer in the newspost!

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Originally posted by AnonIdealist

Hey /u/JagexSarnie, how long do rations last once consumed?

They are instant and automatically consumed if in the Forestry Kit.

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