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Hey all, just wanted to share this slightly updated version of the Poll Blog surrounding boss rewards for the upcoming mysterious quest.

These are due to be polled starting tomorrow (November 16th) alongside the Revenant weapons mini poll-blog, which also got a short section added at the top (and you can check that out here).

Typically Sarnie's been running the ship on these rewards, but he's out this week so you're stuck with me. Will endeavour to do my best to answer any follow-up questions you all might have, and make sure any additional feedback you have makes its way to the team.

Hope you're all having a fantastic week!


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Originally posted by laxperson808

The new bow not being able to bounce from enemies larger than 2x2 really reduces its power anywhere outside of slayer. It was looking like a cool item for some bossing, but now I don't think I'll even bother.

It still can, you just might need to do a little trampling (similar to how you might stack Dags in Catacombs if you're bursting/barraging them) if you want to hit bounces off of 3x3s to other nearby 3x3s

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Originally posted by Im2be

The "Scythe of Vitur"-"blood rune"-timesink is mentioned in two succeeding paragraphs.

Ah good spot, missed that in my last pass. Will adjust!

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Originally posted by NotNecrophiliac

The stuff about scythe being not rewarding and a chore is written twice... Pretty embarrassing

Yeah somebody else pointed it out and I've adjusted. Not sure if it's particularly embarrassing, just a small mistake that I missed while making edits to the text earlier today.

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Originally posted by ShadingShadow

"‘Bouncing’ arrows will only hit targets in a range of two squares, unless the NPCs are bigger than 1x1, in which case the range will expand slightly to compensate"

Did I miss this in the explanation? Or is this not a thing anymore?

Think this is more a relic from writing up mechanics using tickets aimed towards devs that could probably be removed. Effectively the bounce range is always 2 tiles, but the check to see whether or not there's an NPC nearby is more generous for bigger NPCs - even though the distance between centre tiles still has to be 2 tiles for a bounce to occur. Meaning the line in question is effectively null as far as players are concerned, good spot.

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Originally posted by Thermald

Same question as last blog - Do the effects work in pvp, or do they work in a neutered form like the shadow?

Added to this version of the blog towards the bottom of the section on the icon/sceptre:
'*All of these effects will be enabled in PvP situations, so they will be usable across the full range of content in-game.'

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Hi all,

I just wanted to jump in and say that we've decided to postpone the poll going live until Monday, November 21st.

It's clear that there's a bunch of feedback we still need to address, and some changes we'd like to make.

We hope to have an updated blog ready for you later this week. I'm aiming to have it ready for Thursday but we'll see how that goes.

Thanks everyone for your input so far!