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Having to learn the map and stumbling around lost didn't stop OSRS from becoming as popular as it is today. Nor did it stop RuneScape reaching its peak in 2007, when the game was far less friendly than 2019 OSRS in many ways.

If the goal of the team is to make OSRS the most popular MMO in the world, they have the wrong goal. Their goal should be making OSRS the best MMO.

This isn't to say that the proposals in the blog today are bad - but they should be considered for what they are: changes to the game which were not requested by players, rather thought up internally at Jagex to solve a problem they found in the data.

If someone is going to quit forever because they couldn't find Varrock, why would you want them to keep playing a game filled with many other, much greater, more tedious challenges?

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Imo if they wanna stop the not knowing anything why don’t they make changes to the tutorial island and actually give you information about the map and different aspects of the game and maybe some simple goals to try to achieve as a noob

The tutorial indeed is not effective - a ton of players quit as soon as they leave the tutorial. That problem goes beyond just the tutorial, it's both sides, you leave a very scripted linear thing, which has arrows to everything you need to do, to a vast expanse offering an insane amount of choice.

We need to help players prepare for how to play OSRS, and what it is all about.

There's many improvements to look at, and some of the ideas in the blog, are just that, ideas. Any suggestions from the community, and especially players who've recently played the game for the first time would be amazing. Even more useful... is feedback from those who've tried to play the game, and didn't stick around - we won't find those on this reddit generally, or our other social channels, that takes proper research and is something we are doing.

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I completely agree with you, except on the point of popular MMO - you achieve popular MMO BY making it the best MMO :P.

This isn't about adding accessibility to everything, this is about making sure in the first few hours of playing, we equip you with the tools to ensure you're ready for that lack of accessibility. We know it's part of the game, that its a steep learning curve, that's never going to change. Right now, our tutorial, anything you do straight away in Lumbridge, etc does not prepare you for this, or explain why that's good.

This is OSRS, intentionally and unapologetically a tough steep learning curve MMO, otherwise it wouldn't be authentic to its time period - a new player doesn't necessarily know that, or expect it, and it's helping to them to get to grips with that.

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