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11 days ago - /u/JagexLight - Direct link

Hey everyone! It's time for community consultation - woo! Join us on Twitch today at 17:00 GMT with Mods Elena, Husky and Kieren!

Useful Links
🔗 Survey 🔗 (Make sure to fill this out!)
🔗 Discord 🔗 (Invite your friends!)
🔗 Video 🔗 (If you CBA to read the blog!)

10 days ago - /u/JagexAyiza - Direct link

Originally posted by xJ3lackx

Small heads up: The detailed survey button in game doesnt work, it brings you back to the osrs home page.

Thanks for raising! Can you please try again now? It should be working properly :)

10 days ago - /u/JagexAyiza - Direct link

Originally posted by UnluckyNate

I’m shocked that iron players were such a small percentage of the vote. Any chance this was a typo? I thought about ~30% of the community played iron accounts, not 3%

Can confirm its not a typo

Can confirm while it wasn't a typo (we copied what was being displayed correctly), the actual data copied was in fact wrong...

I've removed the stat from the blog for now and we'll put the accurate number in once it's been solved. Sorry for the confusion, pretend you saw nothing!

10 days ago - /u/JagexLight - Direct link

Originally posted by MisterMeeseeks47

Man I’m dumb. I thought they were announcing a new skill called Community Consultation

Reddit moment ahahah

10 days ago - /u/JagexAyiza - Direct link

Originally posted by UnluckyNate

So less than 8,000 irons of all types (reg, HCIM, UIM, GIM) voted? I just still find that hard to believe unless the community purposely didn’t vote but why wouldn’t they for such a big poll.

r/ironscape has 117K subs

I've asked the team to double check the data is correct, but in terms of where we've pulled it from in CM, it's the right percentage at least. That being said, it is much lower than previous poll stats we've shared, and now I'm second guessing it (hence asking the team to double check)

10 days ago - /u/JagexAyiza - Direct link

Originally posted by dadosrs15

/u/JagexLight, in the in-depth poll, about 50% of the way through, the answer box for the question "(OPTIONAL) Describe in one word what makes you most excited about the prospect of training a new skill." is showing up as a password box and is dotted out, using Firefox on Windows. Just odd that you can't see what you're typing.

It's been changed now to normal text, was just an oversight having it as a password field. Sorry about that!

10 days ago - /u/JagexAyiza - Direct link

Originally posted by UnluckyNate

I appreciate the follow up, Ayiza! It was just a really surprising statistic. Doesn’t impact anything besides maybe data collection on the back end if something was incorrectly gathered. Who knows, maybe the huge amount of votes in the poll diluted out iron players who are normally active in the smaller polls and that is where they make up much higher percentages. Look forward to hearing the final verdict, regardless!

Turns out the data was looking for the wrong flag. With everything that's been going on I guess we just let this slip, so I'm really grateful for it being called out :)

10 days ago - /u/JagexLight - Direct link

Originally posted by Deadblinx

The poll in-game says it closes Thursday 30th January, but the 30th is Monday, is the numerical date correct?

I’m fairly confident that’s a typo and it should be Monday 30th. I’ll let the team know in the morning that needs changing :)