15 Mar


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Thank you and I'm really sorry that was missed, I will make sure to include this in my report on Monday and bring it up directly.


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I’m just now doing guardians of the rift for my runes to do this. I’d love to see all these changes! Mini game tele would be nice as well

Fantastic, thank you, I've added a player suggestion for the minigame teleport tab as it seemed like a really positive one.


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How would auto maze resets impact the top down camera?

oh, another update that makes essentially removes run energy. cool

otherwise, changes look reasonable. shame to not need the progress hat imo, iconic little guy and not really a choir to get one. watching it get brighter is always fun.

Every time a new Maze starts, you will need to click the NPC. This is how it currently works and there should be no impact after our proposed Poll 81 changes.

In terms of your other point, the point of content is to train Magic, and the audience for the content is going to be on the newer/lower end of the scale, where run energy is a much more pressing problem for them. I hope that makes sense but I totally see where you're coming from with the run energy stuff!

Thank you so much for the other feedback I always really appreciate your comments on our blogs and newspost updates!!


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Has the enchanting room bug been acknowledged? Getting 0 points is not intended..

We're not aware of this bug! Would you mind either reporting it in-game or just sending me through the replication steps and I will pass that over to the team. Thank you!


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These all sound great, the only other thing I'd like is for you to automatically continue taking items in the alch room rather than having to keep clicking each time. Even if it was slower it would still be nicer to have without impacting the time for people willing to click continually. I held off on my MTA grind about halfway through in anticipation of this blog and I'm glad I waited and hope this passes.

Maybe an unpopular opinion but just buffing the pts alone wouldn't have been a good change to me and I feel this is much more reasonable overall

People who are perhaps not paying as much attention may accidentally fill up their inventory too quickly, is this suggestion something that you guys feel outweighs that? Would be great to know! Thank you for the feedback and the additional suggestion.


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Can you also add a teleport the the grouping mini-game teleports to mage training arena, not sure why some mini-games are missing a teleport there which don't have any other alternative teleport

It seems like a straightforward suggestion and I'll pass it over to the team, thank you so much! In terms of next steps, we'll discuss feedback from this blog on Monday and if the team accepts this suggestion we will update the newspost and potentially add another poll question. Thank you!

06 Mar


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That was fast

plot twist OP is me on my alt account


omg the players are so cool especially reddit ones


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Collection log highscores when? (Or ever?)

Would this make players feel forced to do the Clog? I asked the devs and they were concerned that adding a HiScore would incentivise this activity in a competitive way. Mixed feelings, it's a collection log not a completion log. Idea is liked in concept but just worried about the outcome - do you know if the community feels the same way?


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Verzik Ph2 1 red crab when ur alone QOL PLS

Expect this to release sometime after Varlamore release. It will happen but with Varlamore releasing on March 20th that will take priority.


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You are now told if you would have gotten a clue but didn't because you already have one.

Is there a way to toggle this for an individual tier? I'd love to know that I didn't receive an easy/medium/hard/elite clue, but seeing the notification for beginner clues every 3 minutes when skilling would be annoying.

Thanks for the feedback! We're discussing either a cooldown for these notifications or disabling the beginner clue scroll ones. Please let us know if this is still a concern for you after playing around with it and we'll send that to the devs to resolve!


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[13:10] You would have received a beginner clue scroll!
[13:10] You would have received a beginner clue scroll!
[13:11] You would have received a beginner clue scroll!
[13:12] You would have received a beginner clue scroll!
. . .

Thanks for the feedback! We're discussing either a cooldown for these notifications or disabling the beginner clue scroll ones. Very valid piece of feedback so leave it with us!


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Added a new line to the Terms and Conditions text outlining our Privacy Policy.

Don't be such a cock tease, what's the line?

Hiiii. I'm sorry for teasing you. The text states Do Not Sell Or Share My Personal Information. The text is in the same line as the old privacy related links and the whole line is centered. Clicking on the new text will open https://www.jagex.com/en-GB/terms/privacy#do-not-sell.


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how long are servers offline

30 minutes of downtime (which is now standard). Allows us to save game worlds in case anything bad happens. They go down at 11.30am and brought back up at 12 noon!


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Looking forward to Varlamore! Will we get to see what the quiver and other bits of gear look like before release?

We are too! Keep an eye on our socials next week! (Should be shown on socials on or around Saturday, 16th March).


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can we see what quiver looks like pre-release? and boots

Keep an eye on our socials next week! (Should be shown on socials on or around Saturday, 16th March).

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