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0s [Music]
0s the fist of
2s gothics the eye of
5s saradan the stone of
8s Jass depending on its past possessors
11s the artifact would go through many names
12s in its storied history which predates
14s even the first age the origins of the
16s stone are not very well known nor has
19s its past been well documented so join me
21s as we try to piece together the story of
23s gillan's greatest and most devastating
26s artifact
31s [Music]
45s we have to start all the way back in the
46s first age gothics had just arrived on
48s gillor and was amazed by its beauty
51s using a special tool he was able to
52s carve open portals to other Realms where
54s he could convince certain species to
56s take refuge in the world of ganor one of
58s the first species he brought over were
59s the elves along Ong with the goddess of
61s light sarin through unknown means
63s gothics would eventually come into
64s contact with the stone of Jass using the
67s stone he would help out a newly
68s established race called humans the stone
70s was capable of creating the world's
72s first Rune stones that the humans could
74s utilize to produce magic an ability that
76s previously was not possible for them
78s Millennia pass on and after a good
80s amount of species got settled gothics
82s decided to stop interacting with them
84s you see gothics had no desire to be
86s woried as a God and would even tell
88s these species not to do so but
89s unfortunately Ely they started doing it
91s anyway so to prevent further worship he
93s decided to go underground and sleep for
95s thousands upon thousands of years fast
98s forward to the second age the arrival of
99s zeros and the great zerian Empire during
102s this time the stone was accidentally
103s found by a femic named v v used the
106s power of the stone to create new magic
108s and what we now know as runic altars he
110s also was the one to found the moonclan
112s whom all reside on lunar Isle and follow
114s V's tradition of magic and run craft to
116s this very day there is little known of
118s this specific point in the Stone
120s timeline but it is believed that V had
122s the stone stolen from him after the
124s Stone's theft it would disappear for
126s many years until eventually being found
128s by zamorak through unknown means with
130s the help of the stone zamak would use
132s the staff of armadil to defeat zeros and
134s siphon his power ascending to godhood
136s this would begin the third age shortly
139s after this saradomin and armadil would
141s banish zamak and claim possession of the
143s two artifacts armadil would end up
145s taking the staff which is how it got its
147s name and sarid dolman would claim the
148s stone of Jass he would then proceed to
151s hide the stone at the bottom of the
152s ocean it was around this time that the
154s stone would be referred to as the eye of
156s sariden fast forward around 17 years and
159s zamak finds a way to return to ganor and
161s is now pissed that he no longer has his
163s powerful toys for this reason the god
165s Wars would
166s commence the war for the artifacts would
168s last for thousands of years zamak would
171s eventually claim the stone and entrust
172s it to Lord draon the effects of the
174s stone being in dra's possession can
176s still be seen today actually in the
177s minds of morania eventually zamak would
180s reclaim the Stone from Deon and place it
182s in the land of fenri however not long
185s after saradan armadil and Bandos all had
188s him cornered in a last ditch effort
189s zamak pounded upon the stone causing a
192s massive
195s explosion the blast turned the beautiful
197s Lush and green fenry into a wasteland
201s incapable of supporting life the
203s planet's life force animamundi cried out
205s in pain as the whole world shook the
208s event was so destructive that had
210s awakened guthix who had been asleep for
212s more than 5,000 years he looked upon the
214s destruction and disbelief and plunged
216s into a deep sadness seeing such a large
219s stain on this beautiful planet was too
220s much for him and he wept for a land that
223s he only wanted to share gillor was now
226s permanently
229s scarred shortly after seeing this
231s atrocity gothics came to the conclusion
233s that none of these gods were fit to
235s inhabit this world so he enacted the
237s most powerful spell ever known in our
239s history the icts of gothics these edicts
242s would prevent any and all gods from
243s entering the world of gillor however if
246s a god already resided in gillor it would
248s not automatically kick them out so one
251s by one gothics banished each and every
253s God this even included his old friend
256s sarin which was hard for him as he was
258s the one who brought her and her people
259s to gillor in the first place sarin
261s pleaded with Gothic to let her stay
263s telling him that if she were to leave
264s the Elven people they would all quickly
266s die but Gothic wouldn't allow it for
269s even though sarin was a peaceful and
270s gracious goddess her presence would
272s still disrupt the balance of Good and
274s Evil in the world so as a final Resort
276s she shattered herself into pieces so
278s that her people could live on even if it
280s was without her full presence when his
282s work was done gthx took the stone of
283s Jass and hid it deep underground after
286s that he himself found a resting place
287s and went back to sleep hopeful now that
289s his actions would prevent any further
291s damage being done to gillor not much
293s else is known of the stone in fact it's
296s been such a long time since the stone
297s was last seen that many believe its
299s presence to be a
302s myth but it is no myth the stone is
306s still here waiting to be found and while
310s Gothic sleeps the beings of gillor long
314s to abuse its power and disrupt the
318s balance once more
332s [Music]