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You spent all of yesterday asking people, and attempting to co-ordinate everyone together in Varrock Square, for your music video to Animal I have Become by Three Days Grace. Your friend, Harry ruins one of your takes by writing a message while you are filming on your limewire edition of HyperCam2. You can't wait to get your Castle Wars armour before he does. Dick.

It's the summer holidays so you stay up all night editing your work. You skillfully place a sepia tone filter on your clips and add a wiggle effect. Man, Sony Vegas is so much better than windows movie maker! Your computer is slowly dying from all the pop ups of hot single asians who really want to meet you. But your mum always warned you of stranger danger and you click off..and off...and off. Maybe limewire wasn't the best idea.

You upload it on YouTube, it seems to be going much quicker than your "Epic PK montage11!!" video. Hours of work done..and you return... to offering your taxi service over White Wolf Mountain on the Runescape Forum for the next 4 days. Making 10k in tips.

The XP waste is real, but boy was it worth it.

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The realest thing I ever read.

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