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Bug notice:

"There appears to be a bug where you cannot complete the event if you have a pet out.

So when finding the four poets, put away your pet and you'll get a cutscene.

Otherwise it's just a black screen and you can't progress."

Thanks for the heads up /u/Lewufuwi!

Hi everyone!

Since Reddit dropped their focus on subreddit CSS customization we haven't been doing our holiday event styling for /r/2007scape (some of you may remember the animated snow for Christmas!), but we took this opportunity to bring it back! If you take a wholesome and colorful pride-related screenshot during the event period and submit it as a reply to this comment, you may be featured in the event subreddit banners for the event duration and the years to come! We'll do similar stuff for the other upcoming holiday events this year.

Keep in mind that the focus of your screenshot must fit in a 200x150 pixel box, that's the size of the images in the banner!

Thanks in advance, and have fun!

the /r/2007scape team

The pet event bug issue should now be resolved!

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