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"Should the Wilderness ditch be replaced with a barrier that you do not have to click on? This barrier would require confirmation on a warning screen before you may cross to prevent luring."

Does this mean it returns to how it was pre-ditch in 2006 or would it be like a visible magical barrier?

Pre 2006

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/u/JagexGambit, please answer this. You realize by "nerfing" the proposed sandstone update, you've put high level ironman crafters at an even bigger disadvantage against those few who used the overlooked sandstone method (now patched) to get 24k buckets worth of sand per hour?

How in the world are we supposed to catch up to them now?

These numbers are based on mining and subsequently depositing the ore to the machine while not dropping lower valued Sandstone. It will not be possible to deposit noted Sandstone though it would be possible to run pre-banked Sandstone back and forth from the Quarry - however, Drew's location does not make this a particularly efficient process.

We looked into the numbers behind and found that actually very few players used this method to obtain large amounts of sandstone. The issue was fixed within a few hours - we hope that the location of the machine (as mentioned in the news post) should make this banked sandstone less efficient than it may have been were we to add a Sandstorm spell.

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what would the drop rate for divine be and would it impact the drop rates of other sigils?

A good question - having talks about this and the poll question will make it clear when it goes live

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