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Hello, I currently have a level 3 skiller (hardcore ironman). I was doing the quest, and when the Zammy Mage teleported me into the abyss I instantly teleported out because I didn't realize I was going into the abyss and just assumed I was about to die...

Apparently that is a one time teleport, so now I am unable to complete the quest and do the minigame. Would Jagex ever allow for the mage to tp you again while you are in the storyline of the quest? I sorta am bummed because I wanted to do guardians of the rift for some RC experience, but clearly now I am in a pickle.

My account is sorta far along (few 99s), so I can't just be like o welp new acc time.

TLDR; do not tp from the quest :( feelsbadman

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Sounds like a sticky one, will bring this up next week as a player suggestion. Perhaps better sign-posting that you'll be teleported to a safe area within the Abyss for starters, and an option to teleport back if you've not progressed past the Dark Mage. (Maybe needs a check that you don't have any essence on you just in case it has goofy knock-ons for RC)