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When can we expect to see any info on the Cox changes? And please tell me there is more to be polled regarding cox changes than just Scaling/Scouting. The scavs dropping trash loot for 3 mins straight in a cm gets extremely annoying, and I certainly wouldn't say no to craftable staminas.

Dropped another reply on this here: https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/16nh2s9/comment/k1e8z66/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

We have had some discussions about a relatively sizeable number of potential other adjustments to Chambers, but the ability to generate custom scouts is pretty complex and I'm not sure packaging them in together would be likely without delaying Scouting changes. So: on our radar, but no ETA.


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I truly don’t believe its taking this long to remove scouting for chambers, just let us interact with the content. Stop trying to meet in the middle with some terrible token system. The scouting system is bad in every aspect. Let us interact with the raid please.


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Disappointing to see no mention of CoX poll again, when do we expect to see the blog come out?

For what it's worth, I don't have a firm date on release for a blog. The team's mostly settled on an initial design and I'll be spinning up a blog for that in the very near future. Next week should see a blog for the Fortis Colosseum and the week following is a Game Jam, but I think we'll likely get that blog out during Game Jam regardless. Main reason for spreading them out a little is to try and combat a little of that 'blog/feedback fatigue' where you're being asked for your thoughts on pretty comprehensive blogs multiple times a week.

Not quite the answer to your Q but hopefully some context that helps!

14 Sep


Only a quick one from us, if you're not at all interested in Deadman under any circumstances then this probably isn't the post for you!

But if you want to catch any of the finale, make sure to check out the times in the blog and tune in if you'd like! Additionally if you've always wanted to give w345 a go but never been able to get over the hump when it comes to starting, please check out some of the proposed feedback changes and take a moment to fill in the survey (we made this survey so hopefully it's a little less spooky than other surveys of recent note!)

Cheers all, hope you're looking after yourselves!

13 Sep


Quickly copy-pasting a link to a comment from a similar thread if this is regarding the survey about 'more RuneScape games': https://www.reddit.com/r/2007scape/comments/16i0kt0/comment/k0h12m5/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

To my knowledge, it's a legitimate survey, though all I know is that we did send these out at about 7pm BST today


I know it's a little late but just to confirm that this is a legitimate survey aiming to get feedback for Jagex as a studio (less-so for us as the OSRS team).

Reminder to never enter any additional details that you're not comfortable with, though I think the survey will ask for your RSN and any email you'd prefer to receive a gift card on if you're eligible, but the survey itself is a legitimate survey! (Sorry for the lack of certainty on what the survey asks for, I'm not sure if any of us on the OSRS team have been involved in its creation, so trying to relay as best as possible from the pieces of info I've got)


Will take the credit for botching this, I tried to get it added in to somebody else's post in a bit of a rush because I worried people might struggle to understand the 'middle ground' parts of it.

Everything in this post is correct though, 'outperforms' should've been 'breaks even with', and the point around scaling relies so heavily on the breakpoints introduced by OSRS always rounding down that it was almost a moot point - I was trying to get at the idea that gaining 1 Max Hit is a bigger deal with a 4t weapon than a 5t weapon but think the way that it's written struggles to convey that at all 😅

To touch on some of the other comments a little, especially on the topic of 'it should break even sooner!', I think it's tricky for the devs on that front because in a vacuum, Trident of the Seas only starts to pull ahead of Iban's Blast at 78 Magic (when Trident's base max hit jumps from 20 to 21). Having a powered staff that pulls ahead of Iban's earlier mig...

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06 Sep


This is happening tomorrow, not today! Think this was clearer in the main body of the post, but I've updated the 'Changelog' to reflect this a little more accurately and hopefully cut down on some confusion!


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Next week: Path of Glouphrie

You can look forward to more QoL than ever before when taking on these unsettling new foes, as well as updated drop tables

Can you give a heads up of what skilling resources they are going to drop in abundance

You're gonna be up to your eyeballs in jangerberries and monkey nuts, time to start panic selling!


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Any update on leagues date??? Gotta get my time off in lmao

Think there are still a few details that need hashing out but we're absolutely going to be announcing the date enough in advance that you can get time off. I'd be doing the same if I didn't have to be at work to keep an eye on Leagues :)))


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Are they gonna get added to the main page on OSRS for an easy/safe download like Runelite?

My understanding is not at the moment, but the links in today's newspost are clean. The changes won't allow people to directly download/install HDOS via the Launcher, but will recognise HDOS if you have a pre-existing install. For safety's sake though, https://hdos.dev/ is the correct link!


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Any news on whenever we can see the missed dfs poll question? Also the cannons being reallowed against the lesser wildy bossess topic just wanished into thin air and I fear that the dfs question will end up being forgotten as well

I imagine it'll be a part of the next QoL Poll, though when that one surfaces I couldn't say for sure, since that team still have some Poll 80 bits to get through, as well as Halloween, the COX changes re: Scouting/Scaling (and potentially other bits of QoL depending on time). Tldr: next QoL Poll, exact date TBD.

Will also make sure to re-raise the point around cannons at Singles boss variants!


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Jagex plea. When PoG?

Next week, added a short section in the 'On the Horizon' to reflect!


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Would it be feasible to allow limited time modes not receive updates at all whilst the main game does? It's not fair the majority player base is refused an update for a smaller group

I'm not entirely sure, I want to say that from my understanding of plans for beta worlds (when we get them working properly) that this would be possible, though I wouldn't be able to confirm at this time.

I'll say as well that work on getting those updates ready doesn't stop, even though it can be frustrating to string 'quiet weeks' together, it means stuff can come in more frequently once we're able to get back to updating as we'd like and not worrying about shifting the sands of DMM or falling afoul of UK competition law etc.


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In the 'On The Horizon' section I was hopeful to see some Glouphrie info/dates - given the poll blog stated it's coming this month, can we expect to see it within the next one or two updates?

You can expect to see it within the next update (it's next week!), will look to get something added to the post to keep people in the loop when I get a sec


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I can't see hdos in the launch options atm for the client

Launcher changes are coming tomorrow, plus today's game update hasn't even gone through yet!


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Says Changelog April 19th at the top :) Looking forward to seeing Varlamore!

Good spot, templates and tiredness aren't the best mix :(

Same here! Should be a lot to look forward to in September on the Varlamore front!

30 Aug


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25,000 Scarred Extracts, assuming you crafted all of them would result in a total of 25,000 * 60 = 1,500,000 Extra blood runes.

The figures quoted assume that you can mine 25,000 Scarred Extracts in an hour, but that the 'hour' for the figures includes the time taken to mine as many extracts as you can use up in the time leftover, if that makes sense?

If you were to sit and mine Extracts for a full hour, they'd probably last you somewhere in the region of 5-6 hours of RC, depending on things like Giant vs. Colossal pouch and how few ticks you lose to stuff like banking or withdrawing from pouches etc. (because those add up FAST)

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