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I have never made a typo in a post title in my life and I don't know what you're talking about...

(ty for the spot)

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Originally posted by anygoats

group rat group rat group rat

thank you!!!

Worlds are quiet enough these days but we said that we would so hopefully the implementation suffices! I'd give it a go with my GIM mates but none of them have logged in to do anything but drain me of my potions in the last year :(

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Originally posted by OnlyMarket8

Can you guys change the entry kill at duke sucellus to not spawn until you pick the first mushroom please?

Have passed this on as a feedback point already but will raise it again!

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Originally posted by 5erenade

When can we expect buffs to the Priffdinas crystal shard rates, amethyst, zolcano and wilderness resource area?

I really wanna afk priff magic trees but i dont plan to until then. Also, would it be possible to have birds nest spawn in inventory instead of having it spawn on the floor?

I'm not sure re: shard rates, Amethyst/Zalcano alongside other Project Rebalance bits (we're in the process of scheduling everything now and trying to make sure we can deliver betas among other releases and spread blogs out enough for solid feedback because there's a lot on the table), Wilderness Resource Area is somewhat TBD (you'll be able to read more about it in an upcoming blog, but to tldr we'd like to explore a more significant overhaul, similar to he box jonge's recent suggestion, so it might be a 'later in the year' project but it's too early to say at this stage).

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Originally posted by Toil48

Aww was expecting something more from the bounty hunter changes. As a new player, pure pking with dragon knives means I’m always losing money and have to stop pking

There's still potential for things to be further improved, just wanting to lean into the point around not over-correcting too much too soon above all else!

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Originally posted by HoundNZ_2022

So, the secret update to scorpia, is that something you're polling/releasing a blog on? Or is it something that's in this update that we have to go find out?

It'll be included in an upcoming blog, everything in this update is in the post!

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Originally posted by chol3ric

Are the shield shards still on Scorpia's drop table? Since the example doesn't show these and the text implies the uniques have been removed for now.


Should be, screenshots like that come from debug commands that roll (afaik) regular loot only, which are agnostic of unique roles.

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Originally posted by adustbininshaftsbury

Sick changes. Probably won't ever happen, but I would love for there to be blighted stamina potions some day.

So would I! I asked about this really shortly after I joined (which is nearly 2 years ago now) and I think the reason given was that back in the day there we weren't able to discern where a potion had been used and the team at the time of Blighted supplies' arrival didn't want people popping a free stam and then carrying on with whatever they were doing. Since some change or another (around Prif's release) it's possible to tell this info now and wipe the buff if a player leaves the Wilderness, so I'm hopeful that more Blighted offerings could be on the cards - which would be nice to help keep supply costs down, especially for people new to PvP I feel like those costs add up a lot if you're not able to score consistent kills.

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Originally posted by longhosepipe

Hey jmods, most likely goblin. When will the remainder of project rebalance get further blogs? I would’ve thought this important before the colosseum.

Touched on this in another comment here!

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Originally posted by nine_tendo

hey /u/JagexGoblin can we see how the lava dragon was changed? I want to know if I can start protesting to fix it yet or not. I don't think many people were happy with the radioactive ketchup dragon that was proposed

Have just added an image into the newspost, I thought I'd added it this morning but must have ctrl + Zed the change :/

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Originally posted by Ragingg_CLV

With the changes to Rogue's chest can we get ring of wealth (I) to work on the chest? It feels weird to mention the chest is 1/99 rate for hard clue when that hasn't changed.

Will pass this one on to the team!

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Originally posted by Jukkii

Do gim now have significantly better xp rates at scurrius than other account types? From what I understand they can now guaranteed solo 1500hp scurrius in their own instance without a chance of being interrupted by others, not that big of a deal but would be kind of funny if gim actually have it better than mains.

Scurrius only spawns in at 1,500 HP if there are 2+ people in the instance. If you're solo in a GIM instance, it's still a 500 HP boss. Glad to see more people have clocked that killing the non-instanced version is better for XP/hr though!

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Originally posted by nine_tendo

oh that's actually not too bad, glad you guys kept the lava texture, I put away my chicken outfit

Also very glad that the texture remains, the beans are essential!

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Originally posted by UnluckyNate

Can we get confirmation that the leviathan crystal armor charges bug that was introduced with last week’s update has been fixed? Charges were being used even when correctly prayed against resulting in armor very rapidly degrading

It's not yet been fixed but the team are working on a fix for it, hopefully we'll be able to get it sorted ASAP (though I don't know if it's hotfixable or not).

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Originally posted by DragoniteG

Is it still being considered to make brimstone keys a guaranteed drop from superiors whilst on a konar task?

It's on our Player Suggestions sheet, hoping we get through the rest of our 'suggestions backlog' by next Monday (which is when those meets tend to happen!)

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Originally posted by DixiePixies

Any updates coming soon for DT2 bosses???

Have literally just added a brief update into the post for some of the CA stuff on the blog (was initially due next week but got pulled into this week after I'd written the main body of the newspost).

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Originally posted by Odd_Wishbone_3847

Can the plank drop rate at Chambers go back to what it was before the "QoL" update. u/JagexGoblin

Will ask the team to take a look and see if they're happy to make a tweak - maybe even having them drop alongside other supply drops might just make them feel better?

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Originally posted by Dicyano7

On the topic of blighted supplies, I think blighted thrall sacks would be cool too. Currently spending 4 slots on thrall runes + book is kind of a lot for Wildy PVM, and of course the sacks would likely help bring the costs of using thralls down.

I mean yeah, sky's the limit really - would love to see things like brews, stams, stat-boosting pots, explore stuff like thralls, blood spells, god spells etc.

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Originally posted by MasaConor

Is there any word on Mod Ash's rune pouch QOL?

Team says they're hoping to see it release this month, but it's not been fully QAed for Release yet so not able to hard-commit to a date!

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Originally posted by Substantial-Tip-3353

Why no forestry fix yet? :(

I think the content outlined in the 'Wrapping Up Forestry' blog from last year is due to release next week!

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Originally posted by Playful_Fruit6519

Can the game status page be updated? it still shows last weeks update as upcoming.

Appreciate the comment, this has now been updated and hopefully made a little bit clearer to the status of the game.

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Originally posted by AncientWyvern_Shield

Can we expect action being taken on the Wildy Boss bots which will now be more prevalent and are already plaguing the highscores?

Apologies for taking a little while on this one. It's easier for me to respond to questions about content itself because it's the stuff that I'm attached to every single day, topics like this are more difficult to dive in to and give answers without consulting other members within the studio first.

ACT are working on trying to find a consistent and enforceable way to remove these players from the HiScores so that real players are actually able to secure spots - note that this applies to all content in the game, including things like CG. The ACT and Game Engine teams are investigating manual removal from the HiScores for accounts that have already been banned, should be banned or for any other reason should not still be appearing on the HiScores. Note that there are some players who are permanently banned but still appearing on the HiScores who are included in this manual removal.

It's always an arms race dealing with bots, but we don't want legitimate players to miss out on meaningful updates because of those not playing by the rules. There are things we can do to make content harder to bot or make it 'not worthwhile' to bot (e.g. teleport delays, logout delays, skulling for loot, higher minimum fees) but these come at the detriment for regular players (as was made extremely clear by the Rev Caves teleport delay earlier in 2023). It's a delicate balance for us as a content team because we still want content to hit our initial aims (e.g. WBR bosses being worthwhile to fight in groups, rather than being primarily soloed) and deliver updates to serve players from all over the game, needing to be balanced against 'empowering' bots, which needs to be balanced against 'disempowering' actual players.

ACT have assured us that they are continuing to monitor the areas and will take action against those found to be breaking the rules.

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Originally posted by FuckRed

/u/JagexGoblin I haven't seen any mention of this but since last update, Whisperer keeps asking if you want to use your Orb at the start of each kill. It was like this at launch but was quickly changed to only ask if you entered with them. Now it asks even if you got them as drops. It seems you accidentally reverted this change.

I think that was due to be fixed this week, sounds like something might have gone wrong - will share with the team, cheers for raising!

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Originally posted by TheShitAbyssRandy

Love how you replied to literally every question except the bot one. Idk how any one can defend the devs with behavior like this.

I upset the mod. Shocker. They are so soft.

Left a comment on that one here. It's much easier for me to reply ad hoc to questions about content and the game itself because it's what I work on every single day, but I don't work in Player Support or in Anti Cheat and need to consult with people and double-check what I say before responding to make sure it accurately reflects where they're at.

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