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After the recent update red x method for Cerberus isn't working anymore

https://streamable.com/dh27tj heres video

UPDATE: You can still do the red x by clicking on the door every tick instead of just the once, this also seems to be an unintended patch that will be repaired at a later date, for now you just will have to risk RSI doing the method vid below:

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22 days ago - /u/JagexLight - Direct link

Hi, thank you for reporting this - this wasn't an intentional change. At the moment, we're prioritising a fix for other issues (see this post: https://x.com/OldSchoolRS/status/1805997823902515515 ).

As soon as we are able to, we will be investigating this issue. I haven't been able to discuss it with the team just yet as we've been focusing our effort on fixing the above problems. Hope to get more news for you soon!