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After extensive testing a passionate group of us have found that both Barrel Roll (armor mod) and Charged Gunshot (techno class node) are broken. They fall under the same category it would seem - one shot augmentation.

I recorded an extensive video which shows the damage differences here: https://youtu.be/3V3h77uZCGs

The damage breakdown from the output of each test is below:

Type Damage Shown Live (above head) Damage At After Action Summary (and true damage)
Charged Gunshot only 199,727 49,932
No Charged Gunshot/Barrel Roll 49,932 49,932
Barrel Roll Only 64,871 49,932
Charged Gunshot and Barrel Roll 259,483 49,932

What's happening here is the seemingly correct damage is being shown live above the head of the enemy, but the actual damage is registering as if the one-shot mod/class node was not being used at all. This is evident in the after action summary as well as the image I have used for this post. You can see the literal kill signal in the crosshairs and the damage done is greater than Yagak's health, but he still has about a third of his actual health left.

It'd be great to have this quickly resolved as we have been recommending this playstyle, especially barrel roll, as underrated, yet in reality it's not working at all.


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Thanks for the tag and the extensive information!

I'll ask the team to look into this - Do you have a video of the Yagak occurrence? I didn't immediately see it in the video you provided.

The after action summary screen has a known issue that we'll be resolving in future (quoted below) so I wonder whether this is slightly similar with regards to odd calculations for the summary and that the after action screen issue is a separate bug to what you've discovered.

For example, the below issue was discovered when we had the damage mitigation issue. However, while it appeared at the same time, it was NOT related to the damage mitigation issue and is a purely visual bug on the summary screen.

  • “Damage Blocked” Stat on Expeditions results screen occasionally appears inconsistently or abnormally low
    • Issue being investigated and aimed to be resolved in a future patch
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Originally posted by warai17

Hey Toby thanks for the reply. I am very confident this is a damage registry issue as opposed to something related to the after action summary. I've recorded three videos on Yagak to help illustrate this even further:

One shot with Charged Gunshot & Barrel Roll: https://youtu.be/u92ETGvDUus

One shot with Charged Gunshot only: https://youtu.be/xMdGaO9jSKQ

One shot w/o Charged Gunshot & Barrel Roll: https://youtu.be/dg0KZJ-EVGA

In the first two you will notice that the kill reticle is displayed, but he has nearly the same amount of health as compared to the last video. I had to change the build slightly between a couple of the runs to make sure I "killed" him, but I show the gear at the end of each. Also note I had a buddy help me with the circles for a couple of the runs to speed things up. He left before the third pillar goes down.

Thank you very much for the vids! Since I reported the issue last night our team was able to reproduce it on their end.

We'll have to see if we're still able to identify a resolution and merge that fix into our November update, as the timelines for the November update mean that we're actually now at already at content lock - i.e. a stage where we're ensuring that the release build is stable, rather than adding anything to it. However, we'll try our best to see if we're able to find a way to integrate this solution via a day 0 patch or similar.