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I bought Outriders Worldslayer edition through EGS. It was working fine just yesterday. have over 55 hours on it.

Today, EGS reports I don't own the game.

I noticed the Worldslayer edition is no longer in the EGS store, and instead there is a "Complete" edition.

I suspect that this edition change caused EGS to no longer recognize I own the game, but I can't be sure.

I can't open a ticket with EGS because they apparently still have a weeks-long backlog and haven't even responded to my ticket from weeks ago about something else, and that blocks me from opening another ticket.

Have posted to EGS on Twitter, opened a report/ticket with Square Enix. Not sure where else to go to investigate this.

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Hey folks, thanks for reporting this.

I suspect you're right in that the rebundling to the Complete Edition SKU must have caused something on the EGS store to go awry. I do apologise that you were affected by it in this way.

I've gotten in touch with our digital store managers to look at this asap.

Edit: This issue should be resolved now!

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Originally posted by CDG710

Any word on the current server issues on PS5 (and likely other platforms)?

The past 48hrs it’s really been acting up

Yep - I posted in the dedicated thread for that. We found an issue with some online infrastructure. That's been resolved and it should be better now.