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03 Dec


Great thread, I'll sticky this as I'm sure it will also be helpful for continued discussions from new players in general. :)

If I might make a couple humble suggestions for additions to your list - The Damage Control and Cover threads that we put out in the past may be quite helpful to explain some aspects of the game that are not immediately obvious (or easily forgotten).

Here are the links:

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02 Dec


Originally posted by ipStriderLord

Hello hello... sorry for delay in my answer but this week has started a bit crazy at office (some bug-fixes too for our software ;))...

Thanks for your really nice and detailed comment... quite interesting stuffs you mentioned there... lot to think of...

Sorry about the naming of these "issues", as you said they may not be related with mitigation issue. But that one is so famous that anything player find in game is named like that now... lol...

It is really good to know that damage taken now it is higher tho, I have never read about such change either... but if it is intended to be like that, its ok for me, I love challenges.

But anyway, I still think there something "strange" with damage, and still think it is related with whatever that "red-splash" in the lobby screen is. I agree with you there, something is triggering this things, but I have not been able to find what.

I have been making some extra tests, and I almost always take more dama...

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The vids are unfortunately private - can you change them to unlisted? That way I can look at them as long as I have the link. Thank you very much for the response either way :)

If you're referring to the "red-splash" on login or in the lobby, I do remember that being an issue in the past but which appeared to be very inconsistent and impossible for us to reproduce. It looked like a strange "very character specific" bug.

Either way, I'll check in later again to see if the vids are unlisted!

01 Dec

30 Nov


Originally posted by ryderjj89

You bring up some very good points and that makes me wonder that it maybe was very possible that the entire time up until NH that we weren't taking the damage we should have been and could explain why we were able to solo some of the hardest CT15 content with no defensive mods and only 1, or no, health roll.

But also, I read over the patch notes for NH multiple times for different categories so I could get a good grasp on what has been fixed/changed/added and I don't remember seeing anything mentioning that enemy damage is now being applied correctly. Whoever's writing up patch notes is leaving out important parts lol.

Perhaps this is why those of us who are experiencing this "problem" think it's a problem and not something that's actually been corrected. I assume, at least for myself, that if something in the notes stated that human enemies were not doing their intended damage and now are, I would think that is why I'm dying easier than ever before. Especially if ...

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why we were able to solo some of the hardest CT15 content with no defensive mods and only 1, or no, health roll.

Ah... yes... that should have at least posed a significant challenge. So that sounds like we're looking at the riddles solution here.

I don't remember seeing anything mentioning that enemy damage is now being applied correctly. Whoever's writing up patch notes is leaving out important parts lol.

I'm the one compiling patch notes and discussing fixes with the team and as far as I'm aware, there was no bug or fix noted in our databases that was specific to "human enemies" or "projectiles" being changed. I know this because we were never even aware of such a bug even existing..

However, for every easily understandable bug fix (e.g. "Fixed a bug related to reviving"), there are about an equal number of changes and fixes that are entirely engine or code related and which will not be realiz...

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29 Nov


Originally posted by ipStriderLord

Happy to be of some help... we love the game, but we need it to be better and consistent...

Sometimes it could be the case from monsters attack (even humans melee)... but even if they hit me, my HP bar never goes below half, and never get that red splash... have full runs if needed, but cannot share links here...

Couple more interest cases here:

Joining game with almost no HP

Sniper deadly one-shot on tanky devastator

I think what is important to look at here is a some context. None of the below is a dismissal of issues you're trying to raise, but it will be helpful to understand our perspective.

Both Ryder and you mentioned that you have what you believe is a Damage Mitigation bug. However, the examples we've seen from you so far indicate damage consistent with what we'd expect. What we're not expecting to see are things like you not being hit by Melee Attacks.

Put otherwise: You're wondering why you're being damaged so hard by enemies like Riflemen. However, if there is an issue that we can see, its that you're not being damaged by enemies like Monsters.

You stood next to a Brood Mother for 15+ seconds and she didn't damage you at all. Isn't THAT the oddity in your clip?

Having run some internal tests today, we have indeed found cases where Brood Mothers are not doing damage. So that's a bug, but it is beneficial to players.

So, the question may...

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Good thread, thanks for this.

I'm keeping an eye on this and am passing tangible details of bugs affecting multiple people (going by amount of upvotes and comments) on to the team.


Originally posted by ipStriderLord

Yeah, mitigation shite is back... despite some of my characters (chars) have never lost that red splash screen, the mitigation issue was gone for long time, when they said it was fixed... but now it seems to be back, mainly from bullets related damage...

I have made some checks and testings, trying to figure out how and from where is this coming, but its hard to know. Anyway, Im almost sure it is mainly coming from bullets damage, not only humans, but also those birds, when they hit you with the bullets attack.

It is like bullet damage is ignoring all protection you can have on...

I made some clips, where you can clearly see this. Using one of my techno AP turrets build, with which is quite hard to die, I run some human and monster expeditions. I'm not shooting in these clips, only using turrets to get the skills leach and compare, not using heals neither.

I can run any expedition without never dying with this build, even without shooting. ...

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Good videos, thanks for those. Have shared them with the team.


At first glance it seems like melee attacks are not landing, rather than projectiles dealing increased damage?

The brood mother deals no knockback. The small perforo attacks have no flinch or blood spatter.

26 Nov

25 Nov