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Originally posted by simonrwatts

If I played that at CT15 I’d be killed within 30 second.

Yes, all gear is LV50.

Here is a Google Drive folder with screenshots of my build.

Understood, thank you!


Originally posted by DocDevice

Perfect! Thank you very much! And just to make sure I don't miss anything again, I've got you followed now. Keep on being awesome!

FYI - I've just updated my user flair here to better indicate my position.

That thanks to your feedback - this should help other people avoiding confusion regarding who the CM is in future.


Originally posted by Valfalos

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Praise be to you. Your work is highly appreciated! You remind me of MrEricPope the CM for the For Honor Subreddit :)

Thank you! :)


Originally posted by simonrwatts

Hi u/thearcan,

Wanted to share something I noticed. I tried removing armour and changed characters, restarted game and re equipped. Made no change for me.

I was able to do CT14/15 before but now get killed too easily on CT12. Even Perforo’s seem tear through me.

I was trying to work out what was happening. I watched back my gameplay video and saw that it looked like Weapon Leech stopped healing me when I got kills right after I threw Shrapnel, then I was killed.

It’s right at the end of the video I uploaded and linked in this comment.

I’ve taken photos of my build and skill tree if you need them.

(Not your fault, but it’s really hard to play when you’re in multiplayer doing 100% more damage with God rolled gear than another player who has much weaker gear. Ie I’m doing 200M damage vs 80M. I’m getting killed multiple times by minions...they aren’t. So it’s been u...

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I was able to do CT14/15 before but now get killed too easily on CT12. Even Perforo’s seem tear through me.

Thank you very much for the video and the details, I'm passing them on to the team! Take a look at the update I just posted in the main thread - your experience at CT12 looks familiar... Are you level 50? What happens when you play higher level content (CT15 for example) - Same problems?

Edit: Watching your video properly now as well so apologies if it already answers my question.

Edit 2: Those photos of your build and skill tree would be tremendously helpful too if you could share them.


Originally posted by velizare

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Ph'nglui mglw'nafh u/thearcan R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ



Originally posted by ThrowawayPGYuno

Oh mighty u/thearcan

Please let us devastator mains know if the Statue set is a bug or nerfed. Let us know so I can dump my devastator if it was indeed nerfed.

Give us an official confirmation.

The statue set acting in this way is a bug, not a nerf.

We're considering whether there's a way to "help" this issue via the backend, but a true fix would require a patch. Our currently worked on patch is, however, focused on the damage mitigation issue and is slimmed down in order to expedite it. So it won't address this issue yet.


Poof! With a puff of smoke I appear (cough cough). Thanks for the summoning circle.

I've just updated the gather thread here.

As mentioned there, testing for the patch is ongoing, so we can't yet say when exactly the patch will be ready for sure, but I'll let you know the moment I have news on that.

That being said, I mentioned the below in the gather thread too:

Note: As testing is an ongoing process over a number of days, we may not provide a public update here tomorrow (Tuesday, 11.05.21) or until the testing cycle compl...

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Originally posted by RisingDeadMan0

Sorry everyone is downvoting you. Everyone wants to talk to you and hear from you and then they all downvote you for talking.

Its like out Tube system in London, tubes delayed or whatever and some people get abusive and grumpy at people with minimal control over what's happening.

Looking forward to the next announcement about the armour fix which I hope includes the on kill/shots mod fixes :)

Thanks again

Thank you! As a fellow Londoner, I can appreciate the analogy!

07 May


Originally posted by DocDevice

First of all, thanks for the brutal candor here, I really do appreciate it! If nothing else, the fact you took the time to write such a comprehensive reply shows how much you are invested in us. Thank you for that.

And thank you also for the "inside glimpse" into your job. Being the one out in front dealing directly with customers is always exhausting, and most don't have to deal with 10 thousand at a time! Seeing the Catch 22 you have with getting downtime to recharge actually making things worse, I can see how frustrating it is for you.

So, to answer the question: Yes, I was around. And I did see the out-of-contexters. To be honest, I'm used to those, and I guess I'm unusual in that I go to the source material before I get all worked up and indignant. I was the kid that knew the Dewey Decimal system by heart, I always check references! :D I usually downvote those sumbitches. (Not that it seems to do much good, but I do my part.)

As for the sticky...

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Thanks for the reply, it's good to chat about these things. Happy to share the pie with you and have a slice myself.

Normally I would be much better at taking all your thoughts about communication improvements on board and seeing what I can be doing to address the conclusions you're drawing about us. (For example, what can I do to help players like yourself better understand from the get go what my role is etc.) If I had more time (and I will in future), I would be all over that.

I shared the post mortem in the week following the launch. You ...

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Originally posted by moonviperomega

Appreciate the write up u/thearcan 👍🏼

No problem! As an aside, as it is topical, I've just shared the latest news around the damage mitigation issue in the gather thread.


Heh, just replied in the other thread here. :D Quite interesting to see exactly what I wrote there play out here.


No patch planned for today.

I can very much appreciate the meme though so full credit to you there. :)

It may be helpful explaining things from our side:

Ideally we aim to patch on a Thursday or a Tuesday - that's the base aim. And it has been on all games I've CM'd on to date (8ish years of CMing overall).

With Outriders, as you well know, there were and are still some hot button issues. We have never denied them, and we have always worked our hardest to identify their root cause and resolve them.

So we find fixes, we compile a Patch Build, we run that Patch Build through QA. QA works that build through their regular process and regresses fixed issues (i.e. they confirm that the fix has worked) or they don't (in which case the fix has not worked and we go again, so a change/fix could get pushed out another week).

That's a very rough explanation of the cycle, but lets say (for the sake of argument) that a Patch passes out of QA su...

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Originally posted by arzanp

yeah agree. His hands are definitely tied.

Truth be told, nobody in any team is purposefully trying to limit what we (or I) am allowed to say or talk about. There is no one at PCF or SE telling me that I can't say or talk about certain things.

My style has been developed from on my personal experiences with communities more than anything. As /u/DocDevice pointed out, this isn't my first rodeo. I'm 8 years into CM'ing at this point (If I'm not mistaken).

If you want to understand why I tend to be careful in what I say, look no further than the below example.

/u/DocDevice When you talk about my fears of being "quoted out of context", I must ask: Were you checking this sub actively a few weeks ago when I talked about how we were l...

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