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They did not state specifically whether or not it would include all previous drops or just going forward.

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Transmog dedicated subthread here.

From now on, any gear item you find in Outriders will be automatically added to your Transmog Library.

All items that are currently in your stash and inventory have been added to your Transmog library.

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So I am taking this to mean 'No' that previously acquired gear will NOT be available for transmog unless you kept them in your limited stash.

Can you answer if some armor sets will be re-introduced to normal vendor inventories? Lat I played, certain armor sets were locked to a specific level range in the campaign (character, not WT). Talking about the 'Mu-Metal' set in particular.

If as an experienced player you're looking to acquire the full transmog library you will need to create some fresh characters in order to obtain the low level variants of gear designs. As your library spans across characters though, all characters will benefit from anything found.