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Hello everyone,

This is a bit of a refresh of the previous Known Issues thread as the previous thread may have become confusing over time as it's title was focused specifically on the launch period.

This thread may well get updated over time.

We wanted to share a brief update on where things stand at on Friday 23rd of April:

  • Inventory Wipe & Character Restoration (Previous Thread)
    • Latest Update 28.04.21 - We are currently running through additional testing and checks regarding Character & Inventory Restoration to ensure that collateral accounts will not be negatively affected by the process. We will update you as soon as we have further news.
    • 23.04.2021 - Our work & testing on the restoration process will continue throughout the weekend. We hope to provide a clear schedule as soon as possible.
  • Patching
    • A larger patch that we are aiming to release in the near future is currently undergoing testing.
    • We will share thorough patch notes upon its release but wanted to share some very top level highlights here:
      • Will fix a number of crashes throughout the game.
      • Will fix a number of issues, bugs and crashes associated with multiplayer.
      • Will resolve an issue that could cause players to get stuck on the “Sign In” screen.
      • Will include lots of resolutions for gear, mod, skill, quest, level & lighting bugs.
    • This patch will also address a number of community issues including (but not limited to):
      • Difficulty dealing with Snipers.
      • Difficulty dealing with excessive knockback from creatures in the Stargrave expedition.
      • The 300MB crash dumps left behind on PC.
      • Many more things.
  • Multiplayer
    • As you may notice, the above patch will address a number of issues, bugs and crashes associated with multiplayer.
    • While we hope that these resolutions will improve the multiplayer experience for many of you, we will still be keen to look into detailed reports concerning issues in multiplayer (As has been mentioned in this community earlier this week).
  • Intentions behind Balancing, Expeditions, Down-scaling and other key areas of discussion in community:
    • We're aware that these are topics that are currently attracting a lot of discussion throughout the community - they are of course also topics that we discuss internally. However, because they are fundamental aspects of the game, feedback and considerations for change must be considered over a longer period of time. This is to say that, while we haven't yet talked [PUBLICLY] about these topics, we do intend to do so in future.

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Originally posted by AeroHAwk

Quick question regarding the crash dump folder- is it ok to just simply delete the whole folder once it reaches outrageously high space consumed? Or will this get dealt with in the upcoming patch?

You can clear the folder without worry.