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Dear fellow Outriders,

The new Outriders Outpost Worldslayer has now been officially released. If you spot any unexpected behaviors please feel free to report to me.

The new Outriders app now features the following things:

  1. Public Outrider Profiles
  2. Outriders Debrief to keep you up to date with latest news about Outriders
  3. Twitch support for live streams to show off people Streaming Outriders. You can catch your favorite Outriders live on the app now as well.
  4. Outriders Tools and Weapon/Armor calculators are upgraded and also allow you to pick mods to see what their maximum values will be.
  5. Outriders Academy will be expanding and will feature additional tips and tricks with build making and overall playing Outriders and mod/gear/class tree/pax tree and ascension nodes synergies.
  6. Outriders Explorer now includes some of the interesting locations in the Outriders universe to peak people's interest. It will be expanding with more lore stuff.
  7. Build Editor now includes everything up to date with the latest patch from Worldslayer. (at least it should :)).
  8. You can now manage your build library and pin the best builds to your profile to share with others.
  9. People can now examine the builds not only with visual renders you share but you can link the build directly to the editor in read-only mode so they can really see all mods and setups with tooltips and descriptions and values.
  10. Voices of Enoch will be including community podcasts for you to keep track of. The upcoming podcasts will show as such if featured for that episode so you never miss it.
  11. You can now collect and manage your library of transmogs you can upload to the app. Make sure you follow the instructions for best results on how to upload your transmogs into the app. From there you can reuse the transmogs on any future builds.
  12. The future updates to the app will include the Twitch extension and Build Analyzer but I did not want to wait any longer.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton of things but hopefully you enjoy it and have fun.

Let the build crafting begin.

See you on the battlefield Outriders! ;)

P.S. I totally forgot. For all of you who have used the app before (the old version 1) your builds are still there. If you need to get them and see them you can access the old version at https://v1.outriders.app .. all your old stuff is there now from the old app.

Incredible work as always Bozz :)

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