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So I recently started farming CT15 on my Pyro and have been slowly upping the DPS a bit by bit on improving a few stats and getting a new perk. I've been able to get gold on Archways and Timeworn a few times, very close silvers on a few others, but mostly making progress.

Edit: All my items I was wearing were lvl 50 including the pistol. The mitigation just seems to wildly swing like armor starts doing almost nothing.

So Archways comes up and I load in again and am suddenly super squishy, like I couldn't even get past the dogs and then the first pillar even playing sweaty. Something suddenly feels way off, so I look at the damage report and low and behold.. I have a bit over 50k armor so 50% reduction by default and was running rejuvination which kicks in on healing and ups my armor to 95kish pretty consistently which should be around 62% mitigation but yet somehow I was blocking less than 20% of incoming damage.


So I load up Chem plant, which I've completed easily and know well, and again I can barely proceed into the mission and just die to seemingly anything.



So I exit to lobby and re enter to see if something whack. Archways is up again, go in and and make it up to the dual brood mothers and get stuck and die. Felt a bit sweaty but mostly normal, damage seems to be right


Try again and finish it on Gold, again a little sweaty but manageable. Damage again looks about what you'd expect with my normal reduction and Rejuv kicking in.


Next I load into Paxian and just like before, suddenly I am super squishy, can barely make it part ways through. I even change a piece of gear to add Preservation Shield and still it just feels impossible

w/ Preservation Shield

w/ Preservation Shield

Ok, now I'm just flat irritated. So I go and add Damage Absorber. So now I have base 102K armor which is like 63-64% mitigation and spikes up to 146K with Rejuv. Oh look its easy Archways... NOPE



What in the actual f*ck is going on... So I exit to lobby and re enter. This time I put my old gear back on but add Emergency Protocol for the golem skin. I've been trying not to use it because its bugged supposedly and sure enough the shield icon appears at some point above my healthbar and just stays. Fairly easy gold


So I remove it in camp and put back on Perseverance Shield and guess what, the icon is still there and I get shield now... Gold in them thar hills...


So in conclusion, sh*t's bugged... If you feel squishy, exit to lobby and re enter to create a new game and crutch that Golem Skin if you have to...

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Hey there, thank you for the extensive details and pictures! I can confirm that the known Perseverance & Golem issue is listed as fixed for the next patch.

For the issue you're specifically reporting, we are investigating this, but could you perhaps provide a screenshot album or a short recording of all your gear including mods and your skill tree? Please also show the gear/mods you switch to/from.

Having this information will be helpful to the team to replicate exactly your setup, down to where various mods are slotted in order to try and reproduce your issue.

PS: What platform is this on?

EDIT: Please also make sure to share your resistance stats when your blocked damage is low/high!

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Originally posted by BooleanBill

Can you provide any details on what is bugged for Perseverance Shield? Is it currently under-performing or over-performing?

I find that I often die with an active shield when I use Perseverance Shield.

The glitch is that the Perseverance mod's damage reduction buff doesn't correctly end, meaning it can provide a permanent buff instead of a temporary one, leading to a permanent uptime for the Golem effect.

It is a fairly clear bug as the tool tip indicates that it should only extend the abilities up-time by a certain amount, not permanently.