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Was playing earlier today just fine. Tried getting on tonight and every time I push play it says

"steam client logged in without privileges. it is required. exiting"

So I started Steam as Admin. Same problem.

Navigated to the install directory and started Outriders directly(as Admin). Same problem.

Verified integrity of game files. Same problem.

Looked it up in google, says its an issue with the Demo? I pre-ordered and have played 2 classes at max.

Only change that happened from then to now is Steam updated. This is the only game with issues.

I9 9900kRTX 206016Gigs Ram

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about 2 months ago - /u/thearcan - Direct link

Hey folks - This is an issue caused by a Steam-side update causing issues with EAC. We're working with EAC and Valve to sort this out.