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Whelp, thanks for the report! I've asked the team to check this.

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Originally posted by ThrowawayPGYuno

Please take your time on this one

We could potentially fix this via a backend config change (maintenance required).

If we go that route though, we won't do it before next week.

So you have at least a few days to have fun with it, if that's your jam.

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Originally posted by OneSleepyAzn

Could you go into the mindset/reasoning behind treating this bug differently than the way the team approaches other bug fix releases? How does the circumstance behind this bug's fix differ from that of other ones? We were once told that it is better to group several bug fixes together into a single patch rather than release them in a drip-feed manner, but this seems to contradict that line of reasoning. What background info are we missing that causes bugs to be treated with seemingly different levels of priority and speed? Thank you.

This bug can be fixed by adjusting the the cooldown, which is a backend metric which we can fix. This would only be a temporary mitigation, rather than a true fix (which would require a patch).

Most other bugs, such as the Trickster Revive being broken when using Borrowed Time, are not things that can be "fixed" by adjusting some numbers somewhere. That kind of stuff requires an edit of the code of logic of the aspect of gameplay.

Furthermore, this scrapnel issue is strong enough to potentially replace the moaning winds combo for all classes, and moaning winds is a problem we've been grappling with for months. I would call a new combo using a broken mechanic an S tier issue that should be looked at with haste.

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Originally posted by OneSleepyAzn

So if the cooldown of Scrap Grenade is increased from 1s, then what would it be increased to? The Juggler's reload is 1.5s and One Shot Rifles have a 1.1s reload. Increasing the mod's cooldown to anything over 1.1s might fix the OP side of the bug for some who are abusing it, but it would negatively impact anyone who's currently using it properly such as those players using the weapon it comes natively on, The Juggler, and One Shot Rifles. Please consider this before deciding on a backend fix vs a true fix that requires a patch. Thanks.

I won't pretend to have the exact metrics that it could be adjusted towards, but you raise some valid points. We haven't rushed into a fix for this yet, but we are keeping an eye on it and may resolve it sooner than later.