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Please help! I'm so close to my throne but there's nothing I can do about it now.

Stuck at 403/406 unlocked mods despite just deconstructing the last 3 I needed. I had kept a spreadsheet so I know these were the 3, plus confirmed they did not have the unlocked mod symbol on the mod description, and after hovering over the deconstruct button it showed I would get 3 mods unlocked to the crafting station.

Video shows each character and all mods unlocked yet accolade at 403/406: https://youtu.be/4sXeAsOgnX4

Also, maybe related, my Progression progression is stuck at 99% despite having the category completed.

I also need to get a party of 3 to sync and emote to completely finish, but I figure that'll be easy enough if I can get the other 2 issues resolved.

Anyone else run into this problem and what were you able to do to fix it?

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18 days ago - /u/thearcan - Direct link

Hey there! Please reach out to our support team as this is a specific account related issue. For most of these kind of progression/accolade related issues our support team have the backend tools to manually trigger any "stuck" accolades.

You can reach the team at: sqex.to/support

Please remember to include your user ID (Steam username URL or digits, PSN ID or Xbox Gametag for example).