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Where is the update for Stadia? You ignored Stadia for all other updates then promised us we would be included in this update and yet we still haven’t received it. I’m sick of being lied to.

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Hey there - we submitted the New Horizon build to the Stadia team along with all other platforms, but it looks like something in the Stadia specific submissions process is holding it up. (The only platform we "control" fully for releasing builds on is Steam).

Unfortunately I don't have an ETA on when the build will pass out of submission successfully, but we're working with the Stadia team to sort this out and are also already cooking and testing fresh New Horizon builds for Stadia just in case.

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Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated and I’ve posted it on the Stadia subreddit to save you hassle. 👍

Just had news from the team that the New Horizon update on Stadia should either be live now or very imminently!

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