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Pagan Online is becoming a single-player game called Pagan: Absent Gods - check it out on Steam.
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=https://steamcommunity.com/ogg/992640/announcements/detail/4459080278581339453]here[/url].
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Pagan Online was and remains a labor of love, made possible in many ways because of its dedicated community. We have been working hard to ensure that this community gets the best possible gaming experience. The previous post-launch period showed that the multiplayer game is not sustainable.

However, this is not the end! Instead, we decided to turn the game into a single-player title experience! We’re incredibly grateful for the amazing community the game has built and we're ready for its next chapter!

This is why Pagan Online is transferring to us here at Mad Head games, switching off its multiplayer servers and becoming a single-player experience on August 4. The game remains incredibly important to us which is why we decided to undergo this transformation.

Now, it is time for you to meet Pagan: Absent Gods! The single-player game will include all of the elements of Pagan Online, besides the multiplayer mode and its supporting servers. However, the breath and the scope of the game will remain the same.

The game will be available as Steam exclusive from that point on. Anyone who has the game right now will keep it, while moving their progress from the current servers to Steam. If you have been playing on a Wargaming server, an email with your key will be sent to the mailbox associated with your Pagan Online account. This will ensure that no Pagan fan out there ends up without their progress. Besides, a further technical update of the game will take place, and you can read more details about that here[discord.com].

Presently, there are no set plans for any new content for Pagan: Absent Gods. However, we’ll reassess the situation in a few months and we leave the possibility of new things coming to the game open. Check out the game’s most recent devlog for a more in-depth look at what you can expect from the game.

Lastly, we want to once again give our heartfelt thanks to the Pagan community and call upon all of you to continue to play the game. Nothing of this would be possible without you and we’d love to see you stick around for its next chapter!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will be Pagan: Absent Gods available?
It will be a Steam exclusive.

Will other platforms sell the game?

Will the players be able to transfer their progress from current servers to Steam?
Yes - your Steam key has already been issued and you can find it in your Wargaming account that is associated with Pagan Online. If you have been playing on a Wargaming server, an email with your key will be sent to the mailbox associated with your Pagan Online account. If they haven't received the email in three days, to reach out to wargaming.net/support

What will be the changes in the gameplay?
Here is the list of minor technical changes and improvements.

Will the plаyers be able to host their multiplayer games on custom servers?

What will happen to the Pagan Online community channels?
Discord server is staying active, but the channels for international support, as well as channels directly related to the multiplayer (like Looking for Group), will shut down. The same shutdown will be finalized in a period of 24 hours after the announcement. Pagan Online Twitter account is also staying active.

Will there be new content for the game?
The Pagan Online team will continue to monitor and perform maintenance on the game. Mad Head Games does not currently have plans to add more content to Pagan Online, although that may be reconsidered once we settle into a single-player mode.

How to wipe your progress in Pagan: Absent Gods?
Here's what you should do - these are the keys that will wipe your progress if you enter them in the Redeem WGC progress.
M9ARR-K3M82-1LXC0 -> Kingewitch
M9ARR-K3M82-1LXC1 -> Anya
M9ARR-K3M82-1LXC2 -> Morokh
M9ARR-K3M82-1LXC3 -> Istok
M9ARR-K3M82-1LXC4 -> Lukian
M9ARR-K3M82-1LXC5 -> Dameer
M9ARR-K3M82-1LXC6 -> Valeria
M9ARR-K3M82-1LXC7 -> Masha
M9ARR-K3M82-1LXC8 -> Alden
M9ARR-K3M82-1LXC9 -> Hektor

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