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22 May

21 May

18 May

Originally posted by john: Can you tell us why you removed packs?

We saw (and still see) numerous comments both on here and in reviews about them. Since just stating that we are not going to be Free to play and don't plan to have loot boxes was not enough, we decided to just do away with them to give folks some peace of mind.

You can read more about how we're compensating for them in the patch notes:
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17 May


7 days ago - Sasha_JP on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Originally posted by Dwarf: Did you remove the possibility of playing hard or master in coop? Else its running smoothly for now, Thanks for your Answer. :)

That should be in there, but it looks like it's not working as intended for most of you. We're working on making it work as it should.

DOWNTIME 10 MIN - 17/05

7 days ago - Sasha_JP on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
We are pushing a server-side patch that should help some of you from NA with the server lag you have been experiencing in CO-OP.

Downtime should be approximately 10 minutes. Thank you for your patience!
Originally posted by IFANIA: Can people with steam version co-op with wargaming players? cant find friends(
Yes! You can invite folks across platforms and regions.

If you're having an issue, make sure to drop by our Discord server:

16 May


8 days ago - Sasha_JP on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
The patch is here! We're hoping this one will fix all of the issues you guys have been having with co-op.
As you're receiving the patch, there will be a few minutes of downtime, so please brace for that and drop your clients to brace for the update. Thank you!

Server stability

8 days ago - Sasha_JP on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct


8 days ago - Sasha_JP on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
CO-OP is here, and it's having a rough first day.

We've seen frequent reports of cases where intermittent party lists and invites not being received properly have made playing CO-OP effectively impossible for those who experience these issues. To address these, we put out a server-side hotfix earlier today, but it's not helping as well as we hoped. We're now working on a different fix which will come in the form of a client-side patch. You can expect it to hit early morning (May 17 UTC).

We really appreciate your patience with us on this first day with this new feature. All we want if for you to get the best out of it, and we hope to be able to make that happen soon. If you have questions, come join us on Discord.

Server restart 16/05

8 days ago - Sasha_JP on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
In order to alleviate some of the issues some of you have been experiencing with our new co-op, including missing LFG lists, missing invites, and lag in Pantheon, we are going to push a patch in a couple minute. We are also restarting Matchmaking and Lobby servers so it can take effect. This happens on our side and you won't be seeing any downloads, but you may be thrown back to login as we restart.

Brace for the kick!
Hey folks! We're extending the downtime a bit to run some extra tests.

We'll keep you posted on here and on Discord with updates regarding downtime.

15 May

Patch 0.2.0. is going live on May 16, 2019 at 06:10 UTC.
Servers will be down for the update between 05:00 and 06:10 UTC.

You can find the full patch notes here: Read more
Greetings Pagans!

We will be introducing Patch 0.2.0. on May 16, 2019 at 05:00 UTC.
Pagan Online will be unavailable between 05:00 and 06:10 UTC while we deploy the patch.

After running support of the game with just a few dedicated code wizards during the holidays, we are back in the studio ready and raring to push for some crucial changes to be implemented in this patch.

The first iteration of co-op play is finally here! Slaying monsters with friends is always fun, after all. We also did some other work on hero controls, the way they move and attack, and fixes to the damage calculation model for all the number crunchers out there. Oh, and card packs are gone. A little bird tells us the new hotspots for farming epic materials are the Threats. 😉

Before we delve into the patch notes, I will share some bits that we are planning for the near future.

  • Legendary Items
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Other features include updated hero movement, a new damage calculation system, and quality of life changes.

14 May

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