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Vignette intended or a togglable option?

Option of course, you can see it lacking on the other two screens.

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Looks great, quick question: is the enhanced version a patch update for everyone that already has the game or do I need to buy it?

It's a patch.

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How about we do some bug fixes? And, I don't just mean the visual stuff (though that would be cool, too, if you're releasing a full photo mode - I vote you start with the Quarterstaff attack animation). I mean mechanically, parts of your game just do not work. Entire archetypes (Blood Kineticist, Tower Shield Specialist, Imitator, Incense Synthesizer, Unsworn Shaman) are borderline unplayable due to missing or incorrect class features. Items have properties that literally do not work, do not have visible descriptions, or have incorrect visuals. I've been filing bug reports for a year, and some things I noted as being broken on release have still yet to be addressed as we're coming up on the EE.

Do you guys have a master list of known bugs that need to be fixed? Because, I'd love to know if I can stop filing bug reports on issues that have persisted across multiple patches. Post it somewhere, say on your Discord or Forums, so we know "okay, they're aware Blood Kineticist doesn't get their eponymous Blood Blast, we can stop reporting it." Meet us halfway, at least.

Bug reports count in thousands weekly, sometimes daily. Just so you get the idea of scale. That for a team of just a few QA specialists. Of course a massive part of these bugs are duplicates or irrelevant info (mod-related bugs, misclicks, people trying to find game help via bugreport form etc.), but sorting them is a significant time sink in itself.

We're aware of majority of painful bugs. If you keep reporting them and they haven't been fixed yet, it doesn't mean we don't see them. Usually it either means they have less priority in comparison with something else, or require significant resources which may take some time to become available. For example, specifically the Blood Kineticist sits on the critical bug timetable for a few months now, but there are technical difficulties with some of its abilities that prevent it from going live. It's progressing though, if that'll make you feel better.

Don't forget that you always can tag me here if you find a certain issue to be particularly painful. That's one of the reasons I'm here. If enough people are supporting the request or I find the issue worth attention myself, it may be possible to raise priority of a certain bug. Detailed description with ways to reproduce, video and a sent ALT+B report significantly raises the chance for your request to be noticed and processed.

Oh and of course, I'll repeat the obvious. Team that designs new features and team that fixes bugs are separate people that don't really affect the speed of work of each other. If I stop posting events on Reddit or a narrative designer will stop creating a new quest, it will give exactly 0 boost to the speed of bugfixing.

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I... genuinely expected you to get like 40 bug reports a week, ten of which were mine. Jesus. That... Okay, that explains a lot. I didn't realize many people actually used that feature. I was thinking in terms of small scale development, which is not what you're dealing with. That's my bad.

I still think that posting a known bug list somewhere is a good idea. It might cut down on duplicates, which would reduce the amount of sifting your team needs to do.

There are times when the flow is lower. During patches and big releases however, that's a zerg rush.

We sometimes post known issues lists, but usually there's a point to do so only when it's a really hot problem that can't be fixed quickly.

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I always really appreciate your detailed explanations and willingness to share a lot of information. You/the company's support for such great community management makes up one of my favorite things about Owlcat and is a big part of making you one of my favorite developers. I hope the people above you appreciate the work you do!

Happy to be here for you folks :) You're a truly amazing and friendly community.

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This, a thousand times this. You are just restating facts that everyone had said on Reddit a million times already! People are working hard and it's not that simple. Please keep up the good work Owlcat! You are one of my favorites dev team! ❤️

Ps: I do agree about the list of current bug, maybe on discord? I'd like to know whether some of the feature are intentions or not (looking at you, barrage)

All mechanics of the classes and items that don't work correctly, should be eventually fixed, of course. Those broken in a worse way - earlier than others. How long will that take is hard to predict, but we're slowly and steadily heading there.

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Soooo, what other QOL do you have in store?

Will there be a dedicated sneak hotkey?

Buffbot like bubbles maybe?

Come one spill a bit more. It's 1 more week remaining. Might as well tell us about it. :D

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Okay, so let's say I'm tracking a half-dozen things that I'm interested in seeing fixed. Random example, Slayer -> Imitator is giving +5 BAB in the Fighter stance and the Monk stance doesn't get the second bonus attack at 20. Additionally, without building the class you have no idea what these stances actually do, as that information is not visible during character creation.

I've already reported these bugs (though not the communication problem) on a previous patch. As far as I can tell, not having access to your internal list, no one is aware of the issue.

Would your team prefer I filed an identical bug report detailing the problem again, or would you prefer I leave it alone?

If there are multiple problems within different Imitator stances, would you prefer I filed them as one bug report or as individual ones?

Should I be reporting the "class doesn't explain what it actually does" problem? I haven't, as it's not technically a bug, but I suspect it would increase the play-rate if people had an idea of what they were buying in exchange for sneak attack dice and talents. Though, implementing that before fixing the bugs is probably not a good idea.

Basically, how can I make it easier for your team to identify and fix issues?

Easiest way to do so is a detailed list where there's a bugreport for every point of that list. And I need the first line of text in that bugreport to be able to find it in the database. So, essentially:

- Problem 1.

Description of problem 1.

First line of text in the bugreport: "I can't enter the area because I don't see"

- Problem 2.

Description of problem 2.

First line of text in the bugreport: "When I saw this spider I thought that it wasn't supposed to":


And so on. Alternatively, instead of first line of text you can make a screenshot of the ticket before sending it, and upload the screenshot, giving a link to it.

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Nothing about a potential delay yet? *sweats*

On topic: Nice addition. :)

So far so good.