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Originally posted by lostinlimbo25

Any clues for when the next dlc will be released yet?

Hello, no dates have been revealed yet. You can safely assume that this year.


Originally posted by KrazyTriss

For ps4, do you get s response or something to bug reports ? I am stuck in chapter 3 after spending $70 or so on the game and dlc, and really just want to know if I'm out of luck or not

Hello, all bug reports go directly into the database, where the QA team can see and process them. We do not send responses to each ticket, but we see all of them. Thank you for making the reports. Where exactly are you stuck?

26 May

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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

25 May


Originally posted by KrazyTriss

For ps4, do you get some kind of response when you put a report in ? In chapter 3 game crashes at 98 % every time I try to enter drezen after the kaylessa fight. I have bought last sarkonian and midnight isle dlc, and can't continue game. Haven't got a response on here either to earlier post about this. After buying the game and two dlc , I would like to be able to get past chapter 3

Hello, we can see your report and it's being processed. Most likely it's a memory issue. As a workaround, when you open a bug report window, the game makes a save, try making it as close to the place of the crash as possible, and reloading it. That may help to get through.

24 May


Originally posted by onlyq

None, I cannot launch the game at all. In my library, it has the lock symbol and the only thing I can do is view it/re-purchase it

Possible cases:

  1. You have an age restriction set up on your account, DLC4 has upped the parental control rating so you may need to raise the age in the settings.
  2. You had PS Plus and you bought the game with a discount, but it's no longer active and Sony wouldn't allow you to play.
  3. You haven't updated your Playstation software for a while.
  4. Exotic option, but if you haven't played for a long time, the account may become fully locked.

In all of these cases you need to contact Sony support, we can't control availibility of the game on Sony.


Originally posted by ppunch96


Xbox Series X

In Wotr, i got gamebreaking bug in Act IV when you need to loot some crystal in the mine in the nexus, the crystal didnt show up in my inventory and i figure it out 3h later, i believe it was my fault (drop it or sold it) but no, so i was forced to load a save 6 hours before to retry...

Then there is some minor colision bugs in the mage tower where we meet the story teller, characters teleport up the stairs on first floor when im near the entrance, and inside the walls in the exteriors of floor 2 when i try to move up the bridge by rotate camera

There is again minor bug too when we camp inside a zone, the camp's materials vanished during the second camping screen after characters talks, so they are lying on the floor without any bed or else

And on Xbox so, there is a crash when there is a loading screen and the controller run out of battery or when its turn off, when i put battery back/turn on controller and select continue,...

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Thank you! Please use the in-game bug report function to report these problems (Push both sticks at once).


Originally posted by onlyq

PS5 - The game is locked for me and I cannot redownload it.

I bought it a few months back and played a few hours on and off.

It is the only game that is locked. I have tried:

verifying the license

Deleting and reinstalling (will not let me reinstall)

Redownloading saved data

The only option it is giving me on the playstation store is to buy it again.

Hello, which error messages does the game give you?

23 May

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