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27 Jan


Respec bugs were fixed roughly in the first month after the game's release.


The upcoming patch will have a couple of QoL features including a button for quick animations in crusade battles and ability to have the AI control your troops (autocombat mode) in actual battle. Some time ago it was also added that when your army significantly overpowers the enemy, they run, automatically granting you all the rewards without combat.

26 Jan

25 Jan


Originally posted by SideQuestAU

Thanks Starrok!

Can you shed any info regarding GoGs WotR Season Pass 2 page that says it's "Playable on January 31, 2023"?

That's a glitch, nevermind that.

24 Jan

23 Jan


Originally posted by marcusph15

Hmm. Thought it sold well pass 2 million units during it’s first year.

But still great neither the less.

That would be neat, but not yet. However, the same milestone took Kingmaker about 3 years to achieve :)


Originally posted by StatementNegative345

Congratulations Owlcat!

As a celebration, Starrok could you let us know what shifter archetypes we can expect in the DLC maybe? Or dev stream? 👀


There will be more info soon :)


Originally posted by Due-Fennel-4620


I've just left the abyss and I'm supposed to go back to the midnight fane, but as soon as I go back through the portal a message stating "in the commander's absence, Queen Galfrey assumed control over the crusade. She independently made a number of decisions the development of the main aspect of the crusade." I try to hit x to accept but it won't go away and it won't let me hit the ps button to go to the home screen. It's not frozen because I can see Seelah and Trevor moving as if to mock me. Anyway I said all that to say I have to unplug the PlayStation to be able to use it again and I don't know what to do. Please help 🙏🏿

Sounds like a bug, please report by pushing both sticks slightly before that scene. We'll investigate. Would be helpful if you give me some keywords from the ticket so I can find it (like the first sentence in it).


Originally posted by Specialist_Insect_15

And confirmation if this is the texture patch or if that was pushed to 1.0.10?

Yes, texture patch is being worked on right now. Rough estimation is a few weeks.


Originally posted by Random_dude_1980

U/owlcatstarrok any news on the next-gen version/enhanced graphics?

You've misspelled my name! No forgiveness.

It's in the works right now. Technically complicated process, we're looking at a few more weeks I guess.

20 Jan


Originally posted by TrapPigeon

u/OwlcatStarrok can you advise?

They will, yes.