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I have 100% avoided pets because of this. Cant come too soon - i can finally make a cavalier, and a proper ranger/druid/etc

My personal pain, too. Also avoided them on my playthrough because this was missing :)

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Is there a chance we can get this for kingmaker, too?

They aren't directly compatible. Wrath builds on the basement set by KM, but it has come a very long way since then.

To give you an idea - you can't install a Windows 10 UI update on a Windows XP. I mean, -in theory- you could adapt it in some way and make a compatible analogue, but that'd take some immense effort. And as a result, budget. Which we can't really afford at the moment for Kingmaker.

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Are we getting a fix for broken animal companion animations and these errors:

[20169.1807 - Default]: Exception in UnitAnimationController on unit Unit[AnimalCompanionUnitHorse]#2A6EC

ALT+B the bug so we can take a look at it. Haven't seen this problem before though, so it's most likely something local/specific to your playthrough or mods.

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Maybe too much to ask but does that mean improvements like this are likely to carry forward into future games?

If they are built off the existing game and engine, then yeah. Depends on the level of difference though - for example where Kingmaker had a static camera, in Wrath you can rotate it, and that will carry over to Rogue Trader.

But for example you can't carry over any UI elements there, because Rogue Trader uses a completely different dice system and mechanics, which require a different UI.

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Considering Kingmaker and Wrath use very different UI implementations it is likely not very simple to port it to Kingmaker without doing a full rewrite.


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Why not jus expand the portrait bar like multiple mods already do?

This seems like a lot of work for a worse solution.

We thought about it, but it would break the UI layout for smaller screens.

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Why not add it as a dynamic option for larger screens/resolutions.

Multiple options were proposed, including the one you mentioned. But it doesn't help people with small screens and at the same time it's much more complicated in development. Thus, way more expensive than the current option, while less effective. So the current implementation got the green light.