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DLC 6 won’t change DLC 2 and 5 right?

Im pausing my Act 5 campaign until DLC 6 drops because I understand it will greatly impact the campaign. But I’ve never launched a side DLC yet. I hear DLC 1 takes place after the campaign so I should hold off until finishing. But isn’t now a good time to play DLC 2 and 5 until 6 is ready?

Here’s my understanding:

Major campaign impact: * DLC 3 Midnight Isles * DLC 4 Last Sarkorian * DLC 6 Mask Dance

Low campaign impact: * DLC 1 Inevitable Excess (but campaign spoilers) * DLC 2 Through the Ashes * DLC 5 Lord of Nothing

(I heard you get an item or maybe 1 dungeon added from these three.)

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Thanks very much. And we have no reason to believe that DLC 6 will change DLC 2 and 5 right?

It won't affect DLC2 and 5 in any way.