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Amazing work, but please tell me you have a solution for buffing so that we don't have to rely on outside mods to avoid spending 5 minutes after each rest on buffs !

Hello, no, sorry, that is not planned.

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Keep’em coming Starrok! These are really cool additions

Any teaser you can share about 2nd season pass as well?

Not yet, but it shouldn't be long before that.

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Now the big question - can I manage to clear KM before this comes out?

Want to do a full playthrough of both games with the same character.

This comes out in 9 days. If you start just now, unlikely, unless you do an extreme speedrun.

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Armor dyeing is something I did not expect, but welcome with open arms.

On a separate note, will EE address the issue of Poison Immunity being so prevalent in WotR, yet not having any ways, neither through itemization nor Mythic Paths, to suppress the Immunity?

Not being able to suppress/bypass Poison Immunity makes some Spells and Class Features completely useless, which is weird considering there are ways to suppress other Immunities like those of Elemental Damage.

We have a handful of ideas for new mythic feats, but they aren't due for EE. Maybe one day with one of DLCs or updates. Unfortunately in game development, what you WANT to do never fully aligns with what you can AFFORD to do, so you got to make choices.

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Revealed the armor dying eh? Then may Shelyn brighten and vivify your day! :P

Wait till you see the transmo-... *cough*.... I mean refor-.... *cough*

Did I say anything? No, nothing.

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Do you have keyboard and mouse support planned for consoles?

Not on launch, but we'll explore such possibility in future.

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Finally, the game is playable! Any chance armor dyeing will make its way back to Kingmaker?

Games aren't really backwards-compatible. I gave an example in another comment - you're technically asking if a Windows 10 update could be installed on Windows XP.

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Adding a simple mythic feat to bypass poison is really that much budget? I'm sorry if i'm being ignorant but im curious about it because this looks as simple adding a json line. I get there is a whole testing thing for it, but i wouldn't mind a beta released for us players to test then. There is a mod that does it already even

It is.

First, a game designer comes up with an idea and describes how it will work. They've got to keep many factors in mind such as potentially broken combinations with other spells, abilities and encounter balance, how it will affect DLCs etc.

Then they need to advocate why this idea should be implemented before others, discussing it with the head(s) of the project and getting a stamp of approval.

Then they need to check it with the narrative team so that the ability fits story, lore, character class, etc. That discussion takes some time.

A narrative designer then proceeds to write the flavour text.

Then a programmer implements it. Some features may take just a couple of lines of code, while others may take days.

If the ability contains a new icon, an artist draws the icon.

If the ability requires new visuals or animations in-game, a tech art specialist proceeds to create it (this is one of the most expensive parts because it takes a while).

Then a sound designer attaches the sound to the new ability in all variations (male and female characters, pets, specializations etc.). If there's no suitable existing sound, it gets recorded.

Then the whole thing gets sent into translation to all available languages, which is usually effort of one translator per language.

Then a QA specialist (or multiple, depending on the scale) needs to run the tests of the new ability to make sure it works correctly and doesn't break anything. Considering the size of the game and impossibility to test every possible variation, often it backlashes much later in a form of bugs that require time and effort to fix.

Finally, in large and/or important cases you have to get a stamp of approval of the license holder on all levels before you can continue.

Now count the total time and effort spent by all these people + the effort for coordinating them, and you get the idea. Some steps, depending on the case, can be skipped, but even then it's a big deal. It's not obvious until you begin diving into this.

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Is this King maker of WoTR?

Wrath of the Righteous.

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Hey, Starrok, just wanted to ask: will the EE of WotR include the first season of DLC for console users? Or will it be available as a seperate purchase at some point? I've tried to find the information myself but keep coming up empty.

Console will include free DLCs at launch, and we're working on making SP1 DLCs available for purchase too, but it isn't guaranteed to happen simultaneously at launch for all console platforms.

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Hey Starrok, we already have the "scroll to the bottom" button. It released with the Treasure of the Midnight Isles release patch. So did you guys accidentally give us EE content too soon? :D

Hah well. Christmas comes early, I guess?

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While you are it at, please fix disappearing mythic path cosmetic effects bug too. I have to reload every single time, once those effects disappear. Extremely Inconvenient.

Known, in the works.

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What are the chances that we'll be able to respec mythic paths in EE? Or can we already and I'm just blind and/or dumb? :p

You can't. Mythic path has too much of an impact to the story and you simply can't convert it back and forth.