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Yes yes, DLC are cool and blah, but why are they working on and releasing 2 DLCs when their base game is not even working halfway decently xD

Because different teams are busy with different things, of course :)

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I’d rather they fixed what content there is before giving us new stuff.

Still can’t get passed the commander’s tent at the end of act one. Why can’t the Queen just meet me outside?!

Team that works on DLCs and other new content is different from the team working on bugs, they work simultaneously :)

I presume you are a mac user? Commander's tent problem has been a plague for macs for a while now, we're spending weeks of manpower to fix it, but it still keeps popping up on some machines, unfortunately :(

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Well, I guess I earned making myself look stupid with that comment. But major props to directly responding to my comment. ♥ Love you Owlcat, and even more for the constantly coming hotfixes and patches

o7 Thanks for the support!

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I am a Mac user yes. It’s such a shame because I liked the last game and have really enjoyed what I’ve seen of the new one. Played chapter 1 about 10 times testing out early builds. Hope it gets fixed soon because people seem to be loving it!

We're doing our best :( It turned out to be a very tough problem to solve, complicated by the fact that our normal debugging methods/tools don't work properly on mac. Hopefully it can be resolved soon.

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