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Tldr: decked out Woljif with equipment, but now every ray attack causes an infinite loop and bugs out the game.

Quick vent 😅 so I built Woljif as an arcane trickster with 1 level in elementalist wizard to convert things to fire. Gave him the mallanders insult belt (extra 2d6 fire damage to spells), the aspect of the asp necklace (ray spells do 1d6+5 additional acid damage), elemental barrage and now also the treacherous flames gloves (sneak attack does an extra 2d6 fire damage). Took elemental barrage which triggers on every ray.

Basically something in this setup triggers an infinite loop, so he will to 1k+ damage casting the ray of frost cantrip and the game will bug out for like 5 minutes trying to deal with the loop. I had to take off the gloves now, since the game is otherwise unplayable. Not sure why there would be an infinite loop, but it’s annoying :(

Edit: link to video of the bug in the comments

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ALT+B the bug please :)