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Oh, the change to Legend makes me sad. I was really hoping that it meant that Dragon and Devil might get unlocked at 3 later as part of the EE changes but now that seems unlikely.

No, it was a bug that was never intended. Late game mythics all have their own integration, and simply cannot be put earlier without completely overhauling the whole story into something entirely different.

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Presumably it's related to the contest they're doing this week, where having legend in the early pool may be OP?

Maybe they'll change it back after ;)

It wasn't ever intended, so no, I'm afraid. I can see why some enjoyed the fun though :)

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Well I've been digging through the guts of classes lately so now the mechanics team gets to know the joy of my bug reports! And the story team breathed a sigh of relief. :P

Only fix from the stuff I posted in the last update thread is the ending slides (I'll update the guide in a few min). Although I'm not sure if you actually saw my last set of bug reports Starrok. Also added a few.

  • Xanthir is still giving out AeonDemythication as a reward and not the new ability (AeonDymthicationQuestUpgrade) that is meant to be the new reward despite the patch note saying it has been updated. See GUID: 3952c935b1259f740a61474302634f2d
  • Warrior of Holy Light gets an upgrade to their Power of Faith aura at level 20. Follow the chain deeper and the level 20 ability (Tier 5) activates PoweOfFaithTier5AreaBuff (GUID: 1db744a7b28d12f43bf9f50d77610ff8). This area buff uses the PowerOfFaithTier4Area (GUID: 40fccec6d3b9eaf498d64de0a8696409). This applies the Tier 4 Buff instead of the Tier 5 buff to anyone in the aura range. PoweOfFaithTier5AreaBuff should instead trigger the PowerOfFaithTier5Area (GUID: e4976c0ac7a602b4d9da7ecaed457e5b), which provides the proper buffs at the proper range.
  • The Incorporeal Charm feature (GUID: 8ee86ca474114d8d8eb0946a2ff43eb8) that you get from the evilest ending to Daeran's quest says that "Daeran gains..." This is incorrect because the only character that can get the ability is the Commander. The text key for the description is 89f4c0fd-0287-4154-9e77-6beef0d0f532. Checking the translation files, it looks like this mistake is in the Russian files as well, so I assume it is in all the translations.
  • The Oracle Warsight Revelation (GUID: 84f5169d964185741b97e95a1f1f2a79) gives no ability at level 1. Instead the level 1 ability is given at 11 along with the level 11 ability
  • Elemental Rampage (buff GUID: 98798aa2d21a4c20a31d31527642b5f5) is supposed to give a +2 to natural weapons at level 1, but it is giving +3. I think the fix for this is to change the progression from StartPlusDivStep to DivStep
  • The no-penalty version of Wolf-Scarred Curse (GUID: b6c775555bade694e8b8c7e82c7a71fb) gives the character a 10% spell failure chance because the newly added penalty is built into the core features (GUIDs: 54958e9d7fd415847bb99ba34ad56642, 43c1305f3e4596f46b8d2ed782693ef7, 6af5caba597c42044a5b64e149ef494b, and 30b6c0e75e82d4849b543173d0928f78). Either the penalty needs to be split into its own feature distinct from the bite or there needs to be duplicate versions without the spell failure chance made for the no penalty track.

I both love and hate you, you know? :D Aeon thing is known, it turned out to be more complicated than expected so it's delayed until the next patch. Rest - I'll let the team know.

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Swarm weather effect is still missing from Leper's Smile. Maybe other weather effects as well as I don't remember seeing any rain/snow.

Thank you, found the reason, dealing with it.

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Well I found this in the game files, so if it isn't implemented in this patch, it looks like they might be planning to implement that option in the future:

This DLC was created to be played with only one save slot available and saving only possible in certain places. Journeys through the Midnight Isles are unpredictable and dangerous, and we believe that this mode will give you an unforgettable experience.

However, as usual, the choice is yours to make. If you feel more comfortable playing in the regular saving mode, you can change it in the game options.

I can confirm that this option is being prepared, yes. It is not available yet, but will be.

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Can you describe what exactly is missing?

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Shake it off still not working, is this going to be fixed soon?

Would you please give more detail?

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Do we have more supply of Diamond dust in the city merchant in the stand alone DLC? Because it's not fun being unable to cast a lot of spells that depend on this component when he has a fixed amount of 99.

I think I saw this fix being discussed for this patch or one of the next. Can you please check whether it made it?

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MC and seelah have shake it off, their mounts have it too. I would expect they are constantly beside at the very least their mount, they are also typically right on top of each other attacking the same target. It never shows up in saves. Other characters who do not have mounts are also in melee and adjacent and it never shows up as part of the calculation in the combat log or in character sheet.

Did you check the actual final numbers? Calculations in the combat log may not always show the full formula.

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Bloodblast is electric instead, class skills don't work or don't unlock etc. Basically completely broken. Since release.

Like it'd be nice to at least get a statement on it, I get that there are priorities that have to be set to keep the lights on but don't just leave all the edgy dudes wanting to go blood kineticist Dhampir, possibly into lich, hanging.

I've raised priority for a number of blood kinetic tasks in our ticket system, if you can give your own list of all issues you know about (with DETAILED description), that would help speed things up even further.

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Nice changes overall, hope for some QoL stuff for dlc 3 to be added latter, like ingredients for cooking being wotr based, not KM.

Also, will there be any news about overall what EE will bring?

Can you please report those ingredients as a bug via ALT+B and PM me the text of the bugreport?

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So it's included but it doesn't show up in the formula?

That may be the case, so please check if you have the chance. Combat log doesn't show some of the calculations done internally at the moment, it's a known issue. We're intending to deal with it at some point, but it's not very high on priority.

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There are some huge bugs on Chinese display texts after this update, it’s not even playable now. I hope this gets fixed soon…

We are aware of the problem, it's being worked on.

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Just checked at vendor, now he properly sells Wotr cooking ingridients in 1.4.3k update


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Any news about the enhanced edition content? Does it still planned for the 29th? I don't mind a delay for adding more stuff or polishing thoo but some news would be appreciated.

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Still not any weather effects showing up in any situation. Storm, rain, snow or otherwise. The noise effects are still present however that’s all. I had heard numerous other people say the swarm effect in the background on act 2 is also bugged but I can’t confirm that myself.

Working on it.

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Did this fix the controller support issue? The game would slowly load to 100% and then do nothing. If you went into the game with KB&M then switched to a controller it would freeze. I hope it’s fixed. Can’t wait to try it.

Controllers don't work yet, that's a feature that will only activate in EE.